While fiat currencies worldwide are taking a beating as a result of trade war between US and China, this has seriously impacted various economies especially in developed countries. It has alerted investors to seek for alternative investment options that are immune to vagaries of economic and geopolitical realities. In this regard, one solution that they have found is to use cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins.

But the burning question here is, should you consider investing in Bitcoins or stick with traditional stocks?

Investing Your Money in Crypto

Talking about returns for crypto exchanges will significantly vary for there are a thousand types of it in addition to the most notable examples like Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is easy to invest in any of these coins.

  • Buy from those who already have one
  • Invest in company focused in developing blockchain technology or;
  • Find firms that are specializing in mining cryptocurrency

Say that you have tried the first option, a way that you can do to grow your Bitcoin numbers is by trading it. Yes, there are various platforms that are designed for crypto trading and there are many tools that you can use to help you make successful trades and make money. You may want to compare trading bots here to reach financial independence.

This is why cryptocurrencies are deemed to be a form of alternative investment. These alternative investments are considered as non-correlated assets as its performance isn’t affected by conventional assets similar to stocks and bonds.

However, when investing in Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency for that matter, you should not be putting more than 20 percent of your investment portfolio. After all, you don’t want to risk it all, given that the movement of these coins is so unpredictable.s

Alternative Options to Bitcoins and Ethereum


If you think that both of the said coins are too mainstream and seeking something that is just about to blow up the market, then the following are only few of the options you may want to take into mind.

  1. Thorecoin (THR) – this is a kind of cryptocurrency that’s running on Waves platform with max supply of 1.11 million. For the past years, there has been 10551.9 percent increase in price. Meaning to say, if you’ve invested in THR last year by 10 dollars, it would now bring an ROI of 105,519 dollars.
  2. Maker (MKR) – this one is actually a smart contact platform running on Ethereum platform. Tokens from MKR were made to pay transactions on Maker system and giving holders the voting rights. 21.06 dollars was its lowest price on 2017 of January and just a year later, its price hit 1,773 dollars. But as mentioned, cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to fluctuations and this is no different for it had taken a dip of 451.55 dollars at the time of this writing.

Post Author: Shawnee Sabryna

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