The health and safety of poultry operation workers and owners are connected closely to the wellbeing of farm-enterprise.

Not having a stable foundation for newly purchased or built poultry farm, wellbeing and safety, your investment won’t be able to thrive and succeed.

What’s required for Effective Planning?

If you wish to boost your odds of reaching success, then newcomers who would enter the industry should draft and organized plan. This should outline:

  • Acceptable Property Location
  • Accurately Designed Equipment and Built Barns
  • Clear company Contracts and;
  • Cultivated Relationship w/ Health Representatives and Poultry Company

On top of that, there’s a necessity for financing including initial investment, repairs, upgrades, training, waste management, regulatory base awareness and zoning and not to mention, financing for daily demands of farming.

Experience and Knowledge

Completing this list is daunting. However, it could be counteracted with accurate preparation. This will establish the foundation of the farm stability and be used as the basis to maintain the health of farm. In this regard, extensive training and broad knowledge of industry is vital. Integrators and large companies are using contract system to present consistent product supply such as medications, feeds and pullets. Of course, let us not forget technical support to independent farmers.