The relationship between corporation profits as well as labor force participation is one of the defining features of the economic financial state of affairs.

The labor participation will be at an all-time low in the event that equity and corporate profits are at all-time high.

The Effects are Real, We Just Don’t Feel it Yet

This is representing quintessential reflection of how monetary policy is going to impact the economy. The catch here is that, the asset prices would raise without any promises of the underlying surge in the real growth in economy.

According to mainstream economists, they don’t have doubts of rationalizing that “7 years” would not be enough in perceiving the trickling down impact of monetary policy. Or perhaps, they are proclaiming that we should do more or get additional evidence of absurdity.

Slowly but It’ll Get There

We are now starting to realize its effect today in which civil unrest is gradually feeding political appetite for progression of totalitarian statism. And while the relationship between the falsity of corporation profits and labor force suffrage is just one relationship, the same dichotomies could also be observed in housing market. Of course, let us not forget that the price discovery in the commodity markets with silver as the poster child.