Demand for silver is a major component in the industrial sector.

To give you some examples, the antimicrobial properties of this metal is extremely useful in medical fields while its outstanding conductivity make it beneficial in smartphones, solar panels as well as other technological advancements.

In addition to that, silver helps in catalyzing chemical reactions in various industrial settings.

The Two Types of People who are Investing in Silver

Roughly half of the yearly demand for silver is from multiple industries. Almost that 50 percent comes from either jewelry use or using it as a form of investment like silver bars and coins. Similar to majority of other resources today, we have limited resources for silver. Not only that, silver is lustrous metal combined with distinct color making this metal to be recognized easily.

You will be quick to realize that there are dozen languages that are using the same term for “money” and “silver”. This linkage between silver and currency is such a historic piece which adds up to its increasing value.

The Rich History that Silver Has

It is worth the time to point out that similar to gold, silver’s close association to wealth, value and money throughout the course of history is universal.

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