It is pretty common among investors to buy silver bullion coins and silver coins for three major reasons:

  1. To use it as an investment
  2. For survival purposes and;
  3. As a safeguard to inflation

A Closer Look at these Reasons

Investors who are buying silver for investment and waiting for the increase of price due to the supply and demand for this precious metal.

Investors who seek protection against inflation are buying precious metal such as silver and gold. During the 70s, the prices of gold and silver have skyrocketed as a reaction to the inflation reaching at 13 percent!

As for those who are buying precious metals for survival purposes, they only fear the worst. By this fear, we mean Federal Reserve printing surplus of dollars that it’ll be worthless. In summary, it’s their fear of financial meltdown which may force banks to close as what happened in Paraguay and Argentina back in 2002.

Whom You should Talk to?

Due to this, there are many interested investors who are wondering where they can buy gold or silver? If you’re making investment of less than 10,000 dollars, then talk directly with a one-ounce silver rounds or a circulated pre-1965 UD 90 percent silver coins. These are frequently referred to as junk silver coins as it don’t have collector’s value. If you are willing to go all-in on the other hand like 30,000 dollars or higher, then you want to eye for gold and silver.