There are so many types of precious gemstones in the world. But you may be wondering what’s the most expensive and valued?

Back in 2018, a Blue Diamond cost a buyer almost 4 million dollars per carat.

This has bested the previous world record holder “Pink Star Diamond” which bags 1.2 million dollars per carat. If you are after other precious gemstones and planning to invest on them, then the following can give you a good idea how much money you should prepare.

  • Blue Diamond, $3.93 million/carat
  • Musgravite, $35,000/carat
  • Jadeite, $20,000/carat
  • Alexandrite, $12,000/carat
  • Red Beryl, $10,000/carat
  • Padparadscha Sapphire, $8,000/carat
  • Benitoite, $3,800/carat
  • Black Opal, $3,500/carat
  • Demantoid Garnet, $3,300/carat
  • Taaffeite, $2,500/carat

For more than a century, mankind has been bedazzled by the brilliance and elegance of gemstones. These gemstones in particular have a very special meaning and they’re even described as tears of Gods and star fragments.

The hardness, size and rarity of these stones are few of the influencing factors in determining its worth and value. These mineral crystals are carefully cut and polished by artisans in an effort to show its inner beauty and magnificent color. Some of it is even more valuable than others to the point that even museums are after them and collectors are willing to pay hefty price just to own one.