The prices for silver and gold have been at record level just recently.

This is because of the growing public interest in selling and buying of these precious metals.

However, consumers must have the resistance in giving in to the temptation of making impulsive buying or selling their silver. Unless, thorough research has been made of course.

Dealer’s Reputation

Okay, so first things first, you need to review the reputation of your bullion dealer. Not to mention, their level of expertise in this market. As much as possible, the dealer has to have a respected name with years of experience in selling and buying bullion in fluctuating markets.

Precious metals similar to platinum, gold and silver are fluctuating on a daily basis. Therefore, make sure to check the spot price of these metals before you make transactions. Expect to have higher percentage over the melt value for fractional pieces of gold than 1oz pieces.

Get a Good Grasp of the Commissions and/or Fees

As per Professional Numismatists Guild, average retail commission for an ounce of Maple Leaf or American Eagle gold coins are roughly 5 or 6 percent. Then again, if you plan to make a purchase, make sure that the delivery is done almost immediately. If it’s not possible, then make the seller to put everything in writing.