Tungsten Silver? Or More Salt in the Open Wound?

Here we go.  With worldwide physical demand for the poor man's metal surging and the US Mint about the run out of silver eagles any minute now- again, we received the following from reader Simon.

Nothing like a counterfeit coin scare to further quell excitement in those who have not otherwise noticed the not-for-profit, right on schedule, drubbing handed to paper silver this year.

New silver investors may now add yet one more reason to avoid the heavy, bulky, unfashionable, and high-premium reality - and instead be led directly to the SLV slaughter house of (rehypothecation).

Here's the email:

Hello Dr. Jeff,

I read you newsletter often and look forward to it on silverseek.com as well...

Wanted to let you and readers know, today 4/3/2013, I just received 15 ASE counterfeit fakes, year 2000 from eBay. I thought it was as good deal, also got refund :).

I work in radiology and had x-rays taken of real and fake, the fake coin can be x-rayed through; writing clearly visualized and authentic ASE can not (a solid white blank)...some kind of alloy I suspect?... Other similar details to the article in Coin World on the fake 2011 ASE's coins that turned up in Canada in FEB 2013)...Beware...They are out there!!!!

Face and back images are oriented same (eagle and head up, authentic are opposite) and 2000 date slightly smaller in size than authentic ASE date. Fake coin is minimally thicker and minimally smaller in diameter. Non magnetic also.

The Real Deal:

The Counterfeit:

One gram light...30.1g coin, is minimally thicker and minimally smaller in diameter. Side images are oriented same and 2000 date slightly smaller in size than authentic.

ALSO FYI as of last night eBay has still not taken her site down!!!  She has sold at least 80 of these fakes and think she is selling fake Pan AM 1oz and 5oz bars...  thanks for your interest...Simon

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