Tungsten is a remarkable piece of metal. It is dense and it is hard.

Also, it has the highest melting point among other elements.

This is why this metal is being used in various military and industrial applications in which high radiation or temperatures are such an issue. At last, with a density that’s close to gold, it is the preferred material for those that are in the business of manufacturing fake gold bars or coins.

Dangers of Buying Gold

However, the standard of gold items for its authenticity is its dimension and weight. Early forgers might have found a way to strike the almost perfect balance in making it harder to detect what is real and what is not.

Professional sellers on the other hand are using the combination of markings such as holograms, micro-tags, DNA tags and the likes while buyers perform several tests such as XRF, conductivity, weight/dimension ratio and so forth along with the possibility of checking to determine whether or not the item is legit. Being a private investor and/or collector, how would you be able to protect yourself from frauds like this?

Simple Ways of Protecting Yourself

There are handfuls of simple yet very effective ways of doing it like buying directly from big and known brands, finalizing whether the item would be as an investment or collection, focus on the accuracy on how the item was made as forgers are after the appearance and above everything else, apply common sense.