Silver Buying Can Lead To A Broader Range Of Wealth

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Silver buying is fast becoming a way for regular folks to keep some wealth on the sidelines - and out of harms way. Many of us have learned hard lessons through the recent economic troubles experienced by countries around the globe. Diversification and concentrating our resources on solid assets, such as precious metals, is key to pulling out of the quagmire that this recession has left many in.

Silver Buying VS. FIAT Investment

Silver bullion has been traded and exchanged for valued goods throughout history. It remains today the durable element it has always been. Fiat, known as paper currency that has been authorized by governments through edicts, cannot hold its own against precious metal.

Fiat can become worthless; silver will always be a precious metal and worthy of some value.

Silver bullion is produced in different forms, but by far the most convenient is silver coins.

Silver is a beautiful precious metal. Possessing the actual metal - in addition to an inflation strategy can be satisfying and rewarding. Silver has been real money for thousands of years and holding it helps reinforce the factors that make it a perfect vehicle for exchange.

Many collectors and investors agree that silver buying in coin-form (rounds, silver eagles) balances the costs associated with numismatic or collector coins.

Demand for silver has grown substantially over the last three decades due to the value of its properties.

Elements of Silver

  • It is strong
  • It is pliable
  • It is reflective of light
  • It offers matchless thermal conductivity
  • It is supreme in electrical uses
  • It can endure extreme temperatures
  • Qualities of Silver

  • It has antibacterial characteristics
  • It is useful in health industry fields
  • It is utilized in preventing infections in burn victims
  • Industrial Use Has Depleted Stockpiles

    Statistics tell us that more than 95 percent of all silver that has been mined throughout the ages is gone, used up by industrial needs. It is practically gone forever.

    This growing realization (along with the recent economic crisis) has fueled a surge in individual investment demand.

    Many leading investment experts predict that silver is one of the most important commodities in the world and silver buying is one of the greatest investment opportunities for the future.

    Ninety Percent Silver Coins

    Significant silver buying continues by those concerned about the risk of hyperinflation. Serious investors consider collecting 90 percent silver cointhat was minted before 1965 in denominations of dimes, quarters, and half-dollars. The combination of units that add to $1.00 in face value in their respective categories contain 0.715 ounce of silver. In addition to garnering the cheapest price for the largest amount of the precious metal, many feel it necessary for ease of use if the need for barter arises.

    (If you're interesting in learning about investment vs. collecting - when buying silver coins, click here).

    Silver Rounds

    This definition represents 99.9 percent pure silver in a one ounce allotment. They also carry designs on them, both front and back sides. At any given particular time in the silver market, silver rounds could prove your best investment choice.

    Premiums on Silver

    When buying silver, make your purchase when you can get it for as close to spot price as possible. The silver spot price is the current, real-time market price of the precious metal. A premium is the amount charged over spot price.

    Purchasing the ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)

    If someone suggests you buy silver ETFs, remember that you are not actually buying the physical asset; you are only buying the promise of the asset. This is a very important difference.

    The fact is that purchasing silver to enhance your financial portfolio, keeping a portion of your assets liquid, and having the convenience and comfort of physically holding the asset yourself, offers many rewards for enjoyment of your wealth.

    For a great way to get started now with silver buying, download our Free Guide To Investing in Silver Coins

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