You cannot loose when buying physical silver

by Silver lining

It is Thursday 23 August 2012 and I've just seen silver increasing for a fourth consecutive day in a row. Each day the increase in the spot price was more than 60 cents which is more than 2% each day. I became used to seeing increases of 15 cents and an immediate decrease of 17 cents the following day. Silver has been moving sideways for almost half a year now. This lackluster performance has discourage many. In perspective this week's silver moves have been surprising to me. I bought my monthly four ounces a week ago and it felt very satisfying to see silver trading above $30 after quite some time.

I have often read about the manipulation in the silver market and the experts' opinions about it. Experts are unanimously agreeing on one thing and that is that silver is extremely undervalued. I therefore don't mind the manipulation since it gives an ordinary working class guy like me the opportunity to accumulate precious metals, something I could never have owned had the silver price not been manipulated. My ultimate goal in life has always been to be debt free and be financially independent. This is my big chance. I am still not where I want to be in terms of feeling that I own enough now. So bring it on JP Morgan. You are the big saviour.

I am convinced that silver is the way to go. Two years ago I invested about $1000 in unit trusts. I was told by my broker that he can virtually guarantee me a 10% return after a year. After that year I lost $120 on my original investment. I later realized that even if I had gained the 10% I would not have beaten true inflation. After watching a Robert Kiosaki video on youttube, I immediately was attracted to the idea of owning physical silver and what he and others said made a lot of sense to me. I'm by no means an expert in economics and finances. I'm just your typical ordinary Joe trying like many others to make ends meet, but one thing is clear to me and that is that you cannot loose when buying physical silver for the following reasons :
1. Silver has intrinsic value
2. Silver is becoming extremely rare
3. The gold silver ratio of 50 : 1 has to come down
4. Fiat currencies will inevitably collapse
5. The manipulation cannot continue forever
6. Silver is money
7. Silver is a precious metal and will always be sought after
8. QE 3 and stimulus is inevitable

This is our chance. I am convinced.

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Sep 15, 2015
buying physical silver NEW
by: Anonymous

Your article about buying physical silver is so informative and if you have idea that how much the prices of silver will change in the coming months it is the best for you to buy or sell the silver. You can also buy a dissertation online to get an idea how to write the best dissertation.

Aug 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

...but short term you can loose ...especially if you get spooked or you need immediate cash....
Look to providing the necessitites of life in a low tax environment first .... then save your surplus in things that don't spoil and are real... silver being a very good example.

I'd like to start a community of like minded expats... I've found a life style that seems to work ... would like to make it known to others ...
First pay very low taxes... have a base in a semi-tropical land located in the tradewinds(no AC nor heating bills)....Real estate tax on 190K house(ocean and mountian view with a black sandy beach 1/4 mile away) is 126 dollars a year... and you get weekly trash pickup with that.
Then the 2nd half of the plan is a boat that gets you a way to travel and more important a home that travels with you....
My contact info: chris...

Aug 24, 2012
Hear, hear...Silver Lining!
by: Silver Lugnut

BOUGHT TIME. I agree...with all the fundementals aligned for an advance...major, diverse demands on the metal...and us, too. We the people can make all of our dreams (silver/gold faithful) a reality. BUY MORE...SILVER, especially! I've been hoarding since my pre-teen paper route days, and that was a freakin' LONG time ago!!! Never give up...with or without manipulation...our time has come! Congratulations to all old-fart hoarders! Finally...(yes, I'm counting my chickens already)...but this feels real, being pre-election and all. Have a great day, and thanks to Dr. Jeff for everything here!! Silver Lugnut - Michigan

Aug 24, 2012
Silver should be much higher
by: Mark

Eric Sprott recently said in an interview that silver should at least be $150 per ounce if it there were no manipulation. Many factors are pointing towards a silver price explotion in the future.

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