Would silver really be best for barter?

by Dr. Jeff

Of course, silver can and is being used (more and more) in barter situations.

But that's not to say that other things might work better.

I think it depends on the conditions or the reasons why bartering might be necessary.

Most people will take the barter scenario all the way out to 'end of the world' situations.

In a panic, a currency collapse, or during a hyperinflation, what you use, might depend on what phase we were in.

One consideration is that as black markets develop and mature, it may be safer to barter with cheaper items.

Food, clothing, other necessities might work better rather than parting with 'that which will mostly likely become' a 'Tier 1' asset.

Junk gold jewelry might be better in a black (or gray) market situation.

Trading with an old ring or a few links from a gold chain (void of sentimental value) could be safer and/or more efficient than whipping out a big shiny coin worth considerably more than what you are trading for.

What do you think?

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Aug 27, 2015
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by: Toge

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Aug 04, 2015
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by: John

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May 30, 2012
Americans not ready for barter, yet
by: Bigjim

As I see it, our countrymen haven't quite gotten the concept of bartering, except in rural areas. No prejudice against urban folks but we're so accustomed to paying for what we want with USD currency that we even use the ridiculous terminology of "buying" gold and silver yet we "exchange" fiat USD for euros or whatever other fiat we need for traveling.
When the dollar dies some of us will quickly adapt to bartering because we've thought about it but those who have focused more on Idol and sports and other stupid sheeple distractors will suffer mightily until maybe, they learn. Maybe then we'll relearn value and values.
God help us because a very hard, cold and severe Winter is coming. All sorts of preparation is in order and let us not forget spiritual matters. A hungry belly will find one very quickly but forever is a very long time.

May 30, 2012
Barter will become commonplace when TSHTF
by: Tommy

I believe that a system of bartering will become commonplace in a system meltdown situation. Whether it is silver for bread, or toilet paper for beans. When the fiat currency collapses, real physical items will have value and a piece of printed paper not so much.
After a brief stoppage I believe that commerce will resume. After all people have got to eat, drink, etc. In this time there will be shops that open for business (think the old-tyme trading post). Or for another look at life after the crash watch the movie "The Book Of Eli." I think I would rather be the guy who trades a warm pair of gloves or a few AA batteries for an item I need. Rather than be known at the post as "The guy with all the silver bars." This tag could find you being followed home from said post and getting a knot on the head.
For this reason alone I believe that crusty old silver dimes and links from a gold chain would be safer to trade than shiny new bars. A lot of people will remember (very dangerous) that guy, instead of the guy with some old coins. Just something else to consider. I'm not saying that 10 ounce or even 100 ounce bars are'nt worth keeping. I just think by flashing these about town, you'll make yourself a target. Better to keep these items stashed somewhere safe until AFTER law and order are restored. To use to rebuild your life with.

May 30, 2012
change of mindset
by: MJC

When talking about bartering with silver we need to first change our mindset. We would not barter with silver today because you must buy it higher than spot and sell it lower than spot. We buy silver today for many reasons but for the sake of this conversation lets say we buy it now to be able to barter with it in a time when the current economic system is not working the way it does today. for example hyper inflation.
In that type of mind set we would not buy a set amount of groceries and return part of them as in the other post. You would buy what you needed or what you could use to barter for something you needed. More likely you would trade (barter) some silver to your friend for ammo. Then you might have a friend who needs meat and has lamp oil which you need. You take your ammo and kill a coon and trade it for the lamp oil. I think this extreme enviroment would lead us to barter with silver and it will be great to barter with since it holds value. If a loaf of bread is $2.50 today and silver is $35 and a silver dime is going for 25 times face then in hyper inflation if bread is $250 and silver is $3500 you can still get a loaf of bread for a silver dime.

May 29, 2012
Silver as Barter
by: Sanford

I agree with both comments. Dimeboy has a good idea with the junk silver mercs. Depending on how bad it gets, there are many other items that may be more suitable for trade. I am "long" in rice, beans, toilet paper and ammunition (.22 long rifle cartridges could very well be the next "dimes" or "quarters") to name a few items. Basic marketable skills can also be used, so learn how to do things while there is still time. I agree that in the begining of a rebuild after a collapse, it would be hard to barter with Silver Eagles or 5 OZT. bars...

May 29, 2012
Silver not suitable as a barter medium

Man works or carries on business to get money or gets money (a medium of exchange) as retirement benefit from the Government or interest on bank deposit or whatever, PERIODICALLY, which he uses to buy (aka barter) goods and services.

If all roads were one way then nobody will get home.

There must be a two-way system in place. For silver barter to be effective,
(1) Everyone should be doing it (wide acceptance).
(2) We should also have silver coming in as we keep spending it.
(3) The unit of silver should have a fixed value.

Let us imagine I purchase groceries for let us say 200 dollars worth and give some silver instead of money. Tomorrow if I were to return some items, how will the barter value be calculated? Will I get back a portion of the silver I gave yesterday?
(No answer)

For the aforesaid reasons silver cannot be used for barter. It is at best an investment medium, where a person periodically accumulates a portion of his income for that rainy day or gale or storm, whatever!

May 29, 2012
Lowest Common Denominator
by: Dimeboy

I am a fan of junk silver (pre-'65) DIMES ! 90% pure silver. Available at low premiums. My favorite is the Mercury. Recognizable worldwide, No date check required as they stopped after WW2, not counterfeited (not worth it), small enough so that you likely won't need change for 1 dime, but you can spend 1,000 if you need to. Just show what you need for what you are buying. 14 dimes = 1 troy ounce pure....

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