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Hi Greetings from NY I am a working person . I am a remodeling contractor by trade . I have invested in rental properties over the years . I dont have the knowledge or the stomach for the stock market . Im 56 I grew up with 90% silver coins . I can see the US money was worth a lot more before back in the 70's than it is today . I believe that the country is headed for major problems . No one has a crystal ball will the worlds fiats collapse .Will the USD loose the world reserve . What will happen with the out of petro dollars deals that Brick countries are trading . Who knows . I like silver . I am trying to protect my money . Its hard to decide how much cash to convert into silver . Many people roll their eyes when you start talking about the possibility of the dollar becoming worthless . Something bad is going to happen because of the welfare costs ,entitlements and the federal reserve printing paper to infinity. I read of the government buying billions of rounds of hollow point bullets . Why ? Is the government slowly debasing the dollar thru quantitative easing. I don't want to get caught without preparations . This country, the world ,our leaders aren't the same people we have grown up with. I am very interested in learning all that I can about silver investing. Thanks for making this blog.

Roy Kennedy

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Sep 19, 2015
Good concern over the issue NEW
by: Stephen

Roy, I must appreciate your great thinking as it will be the case soon. We must be prepared and then only we can make the issue to have less impact on our investments in silver or anything else. I'm also a working person and I do work for a cheap essay writing service online. I help students with academic paper thoughts and contribute reference essays for making them prepared to write themselves.

Here your words are good connected to helping someone to have a similar thought and be safe from any future sudden economic set back in silver investment sector. Good to see the experiences shared by you like great thinking persons and I hope it will add more values in my future attempts on investing something safely.

Sep 19, 2015
Good to See You NEW
by: Anonymous

Nice to hear about you and I hope to learn several things from you and other experienced persons here.

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