Wholesale Silver Coins Are the Chance of a Lifetime

Buying wholesale silver coins can provide you with a random chance to find a rare coin – or to just give you the opportunity to invest in the future.When you purchase a bulk shipment of silver coins you are taking a chance that you might discover one that someone overlooked and be worth far more than you paid for it. But chances are you will just get a supply of silver coins that will be part of your retirement or pay for your child’s education.

How do I know what I’m getting when I buy wholesale silver coins?

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Well – the short answer is – you don’t know what you are getting.

That’s because the bulk silver coins are processed in huge lots making it impossible for anyone to look at each and every coin before it gets sent out.

This in turn – increases your chances of finding a coin that is rarer than the normal quarter or dime that you have in your pocket.

Where do these bulk lots of silver coins come from?

Many of the silver coins found in wholesale bulk lots are from estate sales whereby people have been hoarding coins for many years – some more valuable than others – but when they are sold they are all lumped together so you have a good chance of finding some coins that are either rare or worth more than others.

How do I know what is valuable and what isn’t?

If you are just starting out as a collector or investor in silver coins and want to buy them in bulk, you should get a coin book that outlines the various types of coins and their estimated values based on age and condition.

[silver coins]With more knowledge about what you are looking at you will be able to spot the coins that are more valuable and be on the lookout for others that might be worthwhile as well.

Please note that all of the coins you purchase in bulk are considered legal tender of the United States so they are all worth at least the “face value” of their denomination.

However older coins are far more valuable based on their silver content and still others are worth more because they are rare – either because they are so old that they are hard to find or there were so few produced at the time.

Where can I purchase wholesale silver coins?

You can buy them online from a number of different sources.

Another really great way to find good buys is at an estate sale because no one else has seen these coins in probably many years so the chances of finding some rare or more valuable silver coins is increased.

Flea markets are another place to look or at yard sales as many people don’t realize the value of coins – thinking they are more of a nuisance simply because they take up more space – when in fact they could be a hidden treasure you hadn’t even realized was available!

For a great way to get started now with wholesale silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing in Silver Coins.

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