Where Sell Gold in the Modern Age?

where sell gold

You probably won’t hear the question in the developing world say Russia, India, China, “Where sell gold?” because most people in those

countries are buying gold and many people may ask in the west because gold has underperformed expectations through the last few years, “Where could I sell my gold?” or “Where should I sell my gold?” and this is where the cash for gold movement is still alive, although it's nothing like it used to be when gold was on its way up to $1900.

A couple of years ago the cash for gold or cash for precious metals industry had surged and now you still see it out there but you just don’t see it to the same degree. 

This is interesting because it’s one indication of the western world really purging itself of its last remaining hard assets in the 1980s.

Indeed, it was about 20 years after silver was demonetized or removed from the currency system.

The Hunt brothers corner of that market probably the bulk of family heirs or at least the average citizen who had any kind of silver from

their parent or from a generation before. A lot of that silver was melted back into the system.

Because of just in time delivery practices is now destined for industry use and not much obviously silver is available for investment demand.

Where do you sell gold or silver?

The best place probably is in person with a coin dealer or a person that you might meet on Craigslist. You can sell it online to places

like eBay or Craigslist. You can mail back and forth. Coin shows is a place where you could sell.

The main thing is to ask yourself why are you selling, if you’re selling because there’s just no other choice, you’re at the end of your rope, then that’s what these metals were for to begin with.

If they were handed down to you and you have to use them to survive then that’s what the majority of precious metals investors in a way

should be thinking about the metals and it would be unfortunate to have to sell them because obviously they can hold their wealth over

the millennia so it would be nice to be able to pass them down or pass them on.

Unfortunately most people in the west still believe that anything you invested should not only retain its value but should work for you and

achieve some sort of yield and unfortunately this gets people into trouble and so maybe that distinction dub tails with where people are

looking to sell their gold.