What Do You Say?

by Doug
(Virginia Beach)

I’m guessing this is about the only audience that could understand what happened recently. During a conversation with a coworker, a statement was made that I should have seen coming. It should not have come as a surprise, and yet, when it was delivered in apparent frustration, I was taken back with momentary disbelief. A healthy dose of self-restraint was required on my part to hold back the “I told you so”.

In order to qualify the “I told you so”, I have to go back about a year when the two of us were discussing money, investments, and the future. It was then I suggested a consideration into silver as a way to save outside of the inflationary bankster system. While I can say she continued an investment in cigarettes, I cannot say if any silver was even an afterthought of that conversation.
What she said :
“I don’t understand! I’m making as much this year as last year, with the same obligations, but now I just can’t seem to make it!”
I’ll not go into the details leading up to her statement as that is not relevant for further understanding of my point or question. I think anyone reading this already knows that inflation or in her case stagflation, is consuming purchasing power of every dollar earned at the speed of ouch.
While she continued to rant, thoughts of “I told you so” began to recede into the background in favor of another differing perspective, along with a question.
“What did I tell me?”
For me, a substantial stack of silver, and some gold, hidden out of bankster reach was the end result of that question. Truth is so few can perceive the writing on the wall in a papered fiat world doomed to implode under its own debt weight. Still, it was an uneasy feeling to endure the rants of the ill-prepared and realize this will only get worse over time. Rather than say anything that might throw salt on a wound, empathetic silence was the tactic. It worked in this case but what about other cases in the future?
“What do you say?”
What do you say when you’re your own foresight and preparation turn out to be the right answer while others are failing around you? I can see a day when those with this foresight will be held in contempt by the hordes that never saw it coming, or didn’t care enough to do anything.
So, this is my question to you, in the expectation there will be some interesting suggestions. It may help us all to share thoughts so we might have answers when confronted. Saying “I told you so” may not work out so well.
“What do you say?”

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Sep 28, 2014
Good Question - What do you say? NEW
by: PaPa Dennis

As I was reading your article - my thoughts went to my work group. I work in an over 8,000 employee organization. My immediate work group = 8 people. "Joe" & I are always sharing investment strategies and investment vehicles. "Joe" is more of a "paper" investment kind of guy ... chasing monthly dividend payments. Long story short, "Joe" now attends coin shows and local coin store buying metals. Another person i our work group is into Real Estate and dabbles in very little metals.

There are a few people at work that ask me about metals.

If they ask - I'll talk with them.

I do not go around touting that I am all into metals - not everybody needs to know what I do in my life.

My metal purchase are an investment vehicle in my 3 legged investment stool.

But getting back to your question .... my thought is, there is not much you can say.

They say, "You can lead a horse to water - but you can not force them to drink."

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