Very Useful Info For Storing Silver

by Tommy

All These tips are great information. I especially like the one about using the rice to absorb moisture. As those dehumidifier bags have been hard for me to locate so far. (I guess I'll have to use the net) The rice still seems like it would be much cheaper. My tip for air tight storage is Mason jars (you know the ones used for canning.) Stash these babies just about anywhere in your home (with the rice inside).

One more tip I have, in my family several members are in law enforcement. According to them, a burglar spends the MOST time in the master bedroom (as this is where most people keep their valuables) close and accessible. So NEVER keep ANYTHING of value there! Not just your silver, but any other things you would like to keep safe. And DON'T go putting things in the freezer either, that's the 2nd place they look.
The basement,the attic (in a box marked plainly Christmas decorations or something like that), the closet piled floor to ceiling with junk, the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper in the laundry room (PU). Basically what I'm saying is get creative in your hiding places, I've never been to your house(that you know of)but I'm sure you must have some good spots somewhere. Anything to make it difficult to find RIGHT AWAY. Most burglars are in and out in less than 10 minutes. They don't want to spend all day in your house, and risk being caught. I like the idea of the dummy strongbox filled with rocks (or better yet clad coinage)LOL. Give them something to find and they'll leave feeling fulfilled. I have a few more hiding spots that I use, but I can't tell all my secrets in an open forum like this. (Gotta keep em guessing)!
Like I said "Get Creative" think inaccessible and inconvenient. The harder it is for you to get to, the harder (it is) for the crooks.

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