by Jack

You are right on! I am an elderly gentleman, and I can ALWAYS remember the Yuan being at the 7 to 8 range (forget the digits, who cares?). For those who do not understand this culture, the Chinese are a lot smarter than the west takes them out to be. The Mafia, before they screwed up and got into the prostitution and drugs business's, was nothing more than the neighborhood bank. Do you want to start a business, but do not have the capital to do so? No problem. They would give you the capital, set the interest rate, tell you how much your monthly payment back to the "bank" was, and based on your balance sheet, would ALSO take a percentage of your earnings, for the rest of your life (then they would take your business back, upon your "death."). You and your family were then able to start a business in this wonderful country, the USA, and be "rich" (a hell of a lot richer then the average immigrant/citizen of the USA,) and your benefit of owning a business, living in a fancy houses, and educating your children, would last, for life! Problem was, that after a while you thought it was "you" who was the big-shot (like our present administration and their sheeple do), or the economy dipped, and you either no longer wanted to or could no longer make your "payments." That's when the enforcers came in to "get" their money and to "tell" you what an ingrate you were. THIS IS THE VALUE OF MONEY! And if anybody believes that the head-commies are going to manipulate the Yuan so it no longer benefits their back-pockets, YOU MUST BE ON DRUGS! That is why this culture will never truly open-up-to-the-west. It is us capitalists who taught them the value of money, and that is why we have Chinese gangs (doing the same things as the Mafia) all over the world, including the USA. Well to do Chinese families even have their own "banks" and if you are lucky (a member or friend of the family), you will be invited over for dinner. After dinner, the deals will be struck. It is like how the Chinese have purchased most of the USA's debt (at what, .002%?). Do you really think they will cut their take (by reducing the value of the Yuan) so that they get back less than their investment? DREAM ON, AMERIKA! They would rather have their college grads, who speak English (it is already a second language taught to every primary-school student), as tour guides at the Statute of Liberty, as an example, so they can get paid back for all of the debt they bought from us, by collecting tourist fees from people who visit Ellis Island, and will do so in perpetuity; because the debt we owe them, as an example, cannot and will never be paid back. THIS IS WHAT THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION HAS DONE, BY SELLING OUR DEBT TO FOREIGN INVESTORS. In just three years, the USA has racked up more debt than any other administration has, since our revolutionary war with King George, COMBINED! Our children, grand-children and great-grandchildren will pay the piper; that is, unless the "enforcers" show up to collect, first! The USA is the only country in the history of mankind, that has been in business longer than any other country has (example: Italy has had over 200 administrations since WWII, ALONE!). That is why we must stop spending money. That is why we must pay our debts. And, that is why gold will hit 10K an ounce, with silver at an equal percentage-par-gain; and why we must go back to the gold-standard. It is the only way that we can and must be able to pay our debts (then, and only then, will China own most of the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and rare earth metals on this planet and only then will they "manipulate" the Yuan, to and for "their" advantage; and, not to the advantage of their creditors who do not want to or who cannot pay their debts. The suggestion that each of us should hold a minimum of 150 pounds of silver is right on. Like the Addams family, there will be a time when the fore-thinking people of the USA will go to their vaults to get a few ounces, so we can pay our "monthly expenses." So, WAKE UP AMERICA! We have already passed our time of "no return!"

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