Trick or Treat...

by Vercille Bennett
(Las Vegas, NV)

What if it became a populist movement for all of us frustrated/concerned/screwed citizens and we all bought physical silver ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Just picking a day at random, how about Halloween? You could promote it as a 'fall of the short' silver sale. Of course we would tell people that to make money: buy early and buy often. Explaining the JP Morgan/HSBC et al cabal will certainly ignite a movement to protect one's own finances and people can do it by purchasing as little as a roll of silver eagles or by taking delivery on multiple silver contracts (and not accepting a cash payoff.) Even an indignant indigent can do his part by buying as little as a pre-1965 US dime, just to show his support.

As the movement gains momentum, and word is spread on TV and radio talk shows, more and more discussions will arise about the nature of this movement: why it is gaining in popularity and questioning whether or not people could make money doing this. Of course the emphasis should be on protecting one's wealth, not attempting to do a quick flip. Prices will rise. People will see that the shortages and manipulations are for real. If the accusations arise, as they surely will, that this movement is in itself a market manipulation, all the better. Getting the conversation going on a national (and international?) scale is the whole idea. The debate is not, of course, about the public manipulating the markets. The debate is key. Like the old beer commercial, 'Great taste, no, less filling' started a conversation that was essentially inane, the key was that IT GOT PEOPLE TALKING. Raising awareness of this monumental screwing will give EVERYMAN an opportunity to not only vent his anger, but to do something about it that is ideological as well as self-serving, i.e. buy silver.

This is just my 2 cents worth. I am sure that others could plan this better and refine this into something that has the potential to to be a spark to set fire to the tinder that is our fragile economic charade.

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Aug 26, 2015
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Aug 19, 2015
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Aug 07, 2010
Great idea.
by: Jonas Parke4r

Your idea is positively Machiavellian... I love it!

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