Last Silver Salesman Standing, Part 2


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Right now there is a battle between two kinds of silver salesmen.  The sales duel is being fought every day with the business of the public as the prize. The present leader in the fight seems to be the silver salesman who sells paper promises of silver ownership.  We will call him the paper salesman.  The other salesman, who on the surface appears to be clearly losing in this fight, is the one who sells physical metal for personal possession.  We will call him the metal salesman.

Each salesman has his own battery of weapons, but it appears that the paper salesman is lighter on his feet, swifter and more powerful in his motions, and way less costly because his light weight paper weapons.  The metal salesman is heavy on his feet, slow in his motions, doesn’t appear to be as powerful, and seems much more costly because of his metal weapons.  He just can’t seem to keep up with attracting all the customers that the paper salesman can. I mean this battle is looking like 100-1 in favor of the paper salesman if you just look at the record of the first rounds of this fight that has been going on for decades.

The paper salesman can sell faster because the customer doesn’t have to wait for delivery.  The paper salesman can sell on margin and appear to give vast power to customers to acquire leveraged gains.  The paper salesman doesn’t have to require the customer to insure his purchase, ship it, or even store it in a safe deposit box or safe.  The paper salesman doesn’t even have to handle the heavy bulky metal, package it, or make his customer do it either.  All the paper salesman needs to do is sell a promise of ownership and skip onto the next customer.

The metal salesman on the other hand, must actually have premises to hold the metal he sells, or buy it and insure it, and take delivery himself.  He must be able to handle the heavy metal and package it for delivery.  His customers have to wait for delivery or come to his store.  His customers have to go to the additional expense of storage after they receive it.  The hassles of buying physical metal from the metal salesman have really tricked many people into going over to the fair promises of the paper salesman.

The surface evidence clearly favors the opinion that the paper salesman has superior weapons.  But, an event has happened which the metal salesman has just discovered.  A huge truth is coming on the scene like the sunrise after a long night.  It is both depressing the metal salesman and cheering him at the same time.  It is the truth that the physical silver metal is getting scarcer and more expensive all the time.  The poor metal salesman cannot even fill the orders of some large customers because he doesn’t have enough metal to sell. And, at first a frown comes upon the metal salesman’s face.

The paper salesman notices the frown on the metal salesman; and he knows why.  He thinks to himself that his leverage weapon is even more powerful now that silver has gone up in price.  He sneers at the metal salesman.  He leers down at his physical sales opponent and says, “Now I’ve got you!  I can promise endless silver at lower prices and costs and at higher safety and I can do it in shorter time spans than you can.  You are helpless because you cannot get enough silver to sell and the silver physical market is making you ask even more than my price than you were before.  You are doomed!  Take your last breath, you physical metal sales person, for now all the silver customers will be mine! Ha ha ha ha ha!  He laughs wickedly, as he looks down to see the fear of death in his opponent; but what he actually sees is totally unexpected!

Instead of seeing a look of fear on the metal salesman’s face or the frown he initially noticed, the metal salesman’s face has wry smile starting to grow.  “What is this, he asks himself?” His opponents face is actually starting to beam with hope. Very curious! He thinks to himself.  He wonders what is causing that.  He looks at the eyes of his opponent to see what the physical salesman is looking at.  It  appears that his opponents eyes are focused on something or someone behind himself; and his heart even misses a beat, for just in that instant before turning his head to look at what his opponent sees; he notices his opponent’s face begin to beam with joy.  

He turns around and sees the multitude of customers to which he has sold his empty paper promises; and they are all reaching toward him with outstretched claws.  They are demanding him to fulfill his promises, and deliver their silver!  And then sadly, he understands that there are not two silver salesmen in the arena any more.  There is only one.  The only real salesman in the arena is the metal salesman and he has become a brand new and very desperate metal customer himself.  

The paper salesman now realizes that by trusting in his own weapons he had brought about his own defeat.  He realizes that he has sold more silver than existed; and now he is caught in a trap of his own making.  The trap, he realizes, is that it is everlastingly too late to get physical silver to cover all those promises he made.

In total humiliation he turns back to look at the metal salesman to see if there is any help there and then he sees an even larger shock. Standing behind the other salesman are all the metal salesman’s previous customers. They are holding onto their silver.  They are holding their silver up high.  They are holding it high in the air and high in price.  

Then he looks behind himself.  Behind him are his customers;  and the only thing they are holding high in the air  are their fists, filled with the empty promises he sold them and pitch forks which they grabbed on the way to him to send him where he belongs.  

The last silver salesman standing is the owner of real silver.  That will be you if you get this story. Either buy a safe, full of real silver, or buy a pitchfork.  You are going to need one of them.

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