The Sheep Will Be Shorn

by Scott Andrews, recyclebizdotcom
(Draper, UT)

Anybody who lives in the US and thinks the same thing cannot happen here is blind - it IS happening as we speak.

Last year one of the very under-reported news stories glossed over by the mainstream media was that of a portion of federal employees' retirement funds being "sequestered" and put into federal reserve (NOT capitalized on purpose!)debt instruments, without advance warning or any options provided.

Certain of our so-called elected "officials" are ready to do the same to you and I in the very near future. If you've any kind of tax-advantaged retirement account, you're forewarned.

I've been in the precious metals recycling/education business for 35 years, an evergreen business which opens up a variety of opportunities to capitalize on the inevitable collapse of the American empire, led by the demise of the federal reserve note as the world's reserve currency.

Basically, if you own anything today the government is aware of, they own it. Not you.

If the economic history of the world teaches anything, it teaches that only gold and silver are viable money, and every empire in the history or known "civilization" has ended predictably.

The rule of law has already essentially ended here in America - everything is rigged, with the government's consent. Those who believe otherwise are going to be shorn, and very rapidly, very soon.

Keep your powder dry, and your silver secret. Pay cash for anything not tax deductible, and check or credit card for anything which can be deducted. And, for god's sake, start a home business and make every action you perform tax deductible, to the greatest extent of the current tax regulations (most of them are NOT laws - they are administrative regulations considered law).

Read Schnepper and other tax professionals' advice and stop working for the government 6 months of the year.

And pay particular attention to Section 105 of the tax code - make EVERY dollar of your medical costs deductible, including insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

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