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Funny thing about the price of silver coins...The silver coin has long been sought after by collectors all across the globe but with the United States in its current economic state of turmoil and uncertainty, an ever increasing number of these wise collectors are turning into sound investors.

Holding on to those silver dollars and half dollars I was given as a kid was one of the smartest financial moves I ever made. To be honest, it was just a simple matter of me not knowing what to do with them. In a way, it was my stupidity that helped start my investment portfolio before I could even spell those words. And to think it all started when my grandfather gave me a silver coin.

Ninety Percent Interesting

Junk silver or 90% coins or circulated coins produced by the US Mint before 1964 have almost zero collector or numismatic value. However, depending on the heat of the moment, premiums may vary widely.

In other words, in times of crisis (Y2K anticipation), people flock to pre-1965 coins out of concern for the need to barter. In that case, the premiums (the price of silver paid over spot to the dealer) can skyrocket.

In times of late, where the majority of the population believes the worst of the CURRENT crisis is past, premiums on junk bags of silver are very low...

What I didn't understand back then...

I didn't understand it until a few years ago - was that the worth of a silver coin is not always reflected by the denomination on its face.

I recently learned that a few of my Kennedy half dollars from the mid-sixties are currently worth well over five bucks a piece. The silver content is about ninety percent in those particular coins, with the remaining ten percent being made up mostly of zinc. The combined value of these precious metals means that one silver coin that was once worth no more than fifty cents is now worth more than ten times that amount!

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