The Physical Market Already Prevails—An Opportunity to Get Real!

by Auto Poiesis
(San Francisco)

The Physical Market Already Prevails—An Opportunity to Get Real!

Interest in SLV manipulation ended for me when I started using a local coin dealer as my new "bank." Thanks to Dr. Lewis and the folks at my residual beliefs in the propaganda of the high priests of the financial world were washed away and replaced with an understanding grounded in reality.

There is a concept in psychology called Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance (CED) which is a useful tool to have when dealing with change. Human beings become grounded in and identify themselves with their relationships and surroundings. Like a plant we become rooted in a psychological sense of self.

The classic emotional dissonances are loss of a loved one, homesickness, nostalgia, aging, etc..

Understanding change can help harness the CED energy released in changing circumstances to better prepare you for riding it out and connecting with new situations. This can not only make change easier it can transform a threatening experience into a thrilling experience to look forward to—but you cannot look back—remember Lot's wife.

Commitment is the key to riding out and working change instead being dragged along or down by it. Learning to guide and ride your emotional self is not only wise it's exhilarating! Letting go of people who drag you down or exploit you is a must and hanging out with companions heading/working/pulling in the same direction is obvious.

I have dropped many people and institutions that were more parasitical then practical or inspirational. When they would call me and ask me why I don't come around anymore I tell them exactly what they are doing and then ask them point blank "Why would I want to know you? Why do you want to know me? We have nothing in common." A few understood and altered their behavior—most did not.

I now realize banks are really 'banksters.' I picked up that expression from Dr. Lewis and this is the first time I have used it. The spell checker informs me it's not a correct word so I went into the spell checker and clicked 'Learn.' This altered my perception of banking. The expression 'fee-fleas' soon popped into my mind.

What happens to a 20 pound dog with 30 pounds of fleas? It gets sucked to death! Yeah, I know it's a little over the top but what are you going to do! And then there's the analogy of the farmer with the mangled leg floating around financial circles. Nobody wants to amputate the leg so they hook up an IV in his arm and give him a blood transfusion to keep him alive. They don't tell you that the bleeding leg is hooked up to the blood bank.

I am now in the process of converting most of my checking account into silver coins—my IRA will follow. I will keep a minimum working balance in my checking account and will convert silver coin back into dollars if a need should arise.

If I understand the hidden inflation rate to be 6-7% then on $10,000 in the bank I am losing $600 to $700 a year in purchasing power and all of it should the farmer die.

If I purchase $10,000 in silver coins with a 14% premium it will cost me $1400 for this one time purchase. In two years I will break even with inflation but now I'll have real money and not I.O.U.s—I'm amputating the blood bank.

So this is where I am at. Any helpful comments would be appreciated as this is all new to me. Self reliant individuals coming together on sites like Silver Coin Investor (this is the only one I know of) can begin to lay the foundation for the resurrection of real money before the farmer dies. Who knows the farmer just might make it.

I have no interest in making money—that's what got us into this mess. I just want to have real money and now I do—it's real silver and it's beautiful.

Thank you very much Dr. Lewis for your guidance and for this opportunity to express my understanding.

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Oct 28, 2015
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