The End is Near(ly) Here!

by Tommy Gambon
(Sunny South Florida)

My thoughts on what will end the silver manipulation are as follows. Education will end the silver manipulation. When the general public finally learns that physical metal ownership is the only way to play the (silver & gold) market. As a silver investor/accumulator, (I think hoarder is such an ugly word). I've tried to get others on board to the reality of our current global situation(crisis). So far I've managed to bring two coworkers around to the idea of purchasing bullion silver. With our combined purchasing power, we have been able to get some pretty fair deals, so far. The others I work with and friends outside the workplace. They think our collective minds have stripped a cog (or 2). CNBC watchers to be sure. They say "It's overpriced now," " It's in a Bubble," "it's too hard to store," and the best one of all "What do you do, melt it down and make something with it!" DOH We had our orders shipped to the office, in hopes that the reality of our investment would hit home... NOTHING... 700 ounces spread out on the conference room table, was only able to bring about the melt it down comment.(They're Hopeless/clueless)

As a child of the 1960's, I was around to see (and use) silver money in day to day transactions. Nothing like the ring of a real silver coin, when you toss it on the counter to buy the Sunday paper! Growing up I remember our next door neighbor (RIP Buddy) telling us to save our coinage, when silver was pulled from the market.
In his basement he had some old dressers and chests, that eventually were OVERFLOWING from every drawer with silver coins of every denomination. He ended up cashing his in a few years later to buy a new Cadillac as I recall. It was during this time that I LEARNED the real value of REAL MONEY. We had a very poor family, my parents had 6 children, and my father worked 2-3 jobs at a time to support us. So money was tight of course. But with my newspaper route, I was able to save enough silver coins (to sell to the local coin dealer for a premium) to buy a BRAND NEW 10 SPEED BIKE! All my friends were so jealous! Had I the foresight to plan even further ahead, probably could have bought my own Caddy today.
The people of this generation, who've never dealt with silver coins. Have no idea whatsoever of their true value. These are the same people who save/give me their silver coins to this day (FOR FACE VALUE)! The paper currency we've been using for so many years is just fine (to them) as a fair trade. Even when I tell them these coins are 90% silver. They look at me as if I just told them Frankenstein was a Republican??? (actually he was Democrat all the way.) Educating people, like you're trying to do in your newsletters is an admirable occupation. However I feel you've got your work cut out for you! If more people would just try to convert 1 person to our way of thinking, and that person converted 1 person, and so on.... Talk with your coworkers, these are the people who you spend the most time with during the day. Bring a few bars/coins/rounds to work let others see the shine,hear the sweet music(ring), touch them, hold them. Watch for the twinkle in their eyes, I've already converted 2 people and I have a third sitting on the fence. He's the one who thinks silver has already topped out. Silver is up 8% since we bought our first batch at work, so he's starting to come around. Can't get 8% just anywhere now-a-days can you. Ask the banker, bond salesman, or Wall Street investor about that one.
Thanks for listening to my rants, and go buy some silver (or gold) if your pockets are a little deeper. Just make sure you take delivery, and start your own collection.

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