The current Au to Ag ratio tells the story very clearly ...

by PaPa Dennis
(Central Florida)

The current Au to Ag ratio tells the story very clearly ... one would think that a blind man could see it. But the truth of the matter is this ... Main Street got raped by Wall Street, Wall Street sleeps the FED and gets all the money at .25% or less whole little Johhny Main Street can NOT get a loan from Well Fargo or JPMorgan. The big banks are getting the free money for stock buy backs so dividend payments are minimized, and to shore up the bottom line in their books for the next stress test. Millions on Main Street have lost their jobs, their savings, their entire retirement accounts and are forced today ... to run till their death in the hamster wheel of life just bring some money into the household. The rich is getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is more than red hot truth ... the implosion of the middle class in deplorable and acceptable. Today Main Street is focused on working 2 jobs or more - they have the time or energy nor the knowledge to research how to better themselves. Main Street got robbed!. I attend every coin show in Central Florida that i can. Most shows are free admission. So take the family - look at gold and silver ... ask questions .. then buy 1 Silver Eagle. and maybe buy a 1/10 gold coin. When you take home - take out your new treasures ... trust me a feeling of pride swells up inside you ... you'll pump your fist in the air and scream YEAH! .. I did it. Now you just got your first fix. Every Coin show I attend, I ask every dealer, what are your thoughts, where are we going, how is business ... I ask questions ... for the most part they are more than willing to share information.


This is the most important pact I have ever made with myself ... and I stay true to ... I made a pact with the man in the mirror .... Every Month - Every Month .... I buy a 10 oz Silver Bar. sometimes - for what ever life throws at me - I at least buy something ... I stay away from the high premium numismatic products. Always say out loud ... an oz of silver is an oz of silver is an oz of silver. Always buy the silver ... not the grade.
I've been DC - Daily Cost Averaging since 2008 ... in 2008 I was buying silver at $17 oz. Silver Prices went up ... I bought at all levels. Silver Prices have been falling ... I still buy at all price points ... that is DCA - Daily Cost Averaging.


I do hold some Au Gold Coins ... not excited about Gold right now because the huge metal price manipulation, huge currency devaluation in all countries and how fast the USA is losing traction in maintaining the WRC status (World Reserve Currency) Once USA loses WRC position in the geopolitical petro economic transactions ... game is on.
The only possible salvation is for the IMF to hit the reset button called SDR ... Special Drawing Rights ... but that you will have to weki for yourself.


I am not a dooms day ... I am a realist ... I hold many firearms, bullets and bandages, and massive amount of silver ... 99.99% bars, 99.99% bullion, 90% coins in all shapes and denominations, and American Silver Eagles. FYI ... American Silver eagles (By law) can only be minted from silver mined ONLY in the USA ... any silver imported into this country is NOT allowed to mint the USA America Silver Eagle Coin


Should every body hold physical silver metal in their hand? ... YES

Should everybody go out and buy 500 oz? If you are a blue collar worker such me (Electrician) ... then no we can not. But what we can do is go out and buy just one. Then next week go out and buy another. Then next week - you'll find yourself digging a lil deeper and buy 2.


The moral / story is this ... ALWAYS pay yourself first!!!

Before you pay anything to anybody .. pay yourself first.

Because when the rubber hits the road ... all those people you paid first ... do not and will not care about you or for you - not in any shape form or fashion

You need to take care of you and your family first.

What did I just teach you !!!???


Always pay yourself first .... every pay check!
Just buy something ... 1 Silver Eagle, 1 oz Silver Bar ... What ever you do .... just buy it.

If you want more info ... let me know .... I can come back and pep talk you into action ... this is just a primer

In closing ....

I beg each of you to talk to the man in the mirror and ask him this question ...

Is what you're doing right now .... is it working for you?

Is what your doing right now ... are you getting the results you want and is it putting you into a better position?

If your answer is no ... than I ask you ...

Why not give this a try ...

If you do this .... and it doesn't work for you ... what have got?

You have a position in silver metal that can be sold within the time it takes you to drive to your local coin shop "AND" you get paid in cash

BUT ....

But what if you do not do this ... and this does work ... what have you lost

Just what "if" this does work ... what have you got to lose?


Baby takes small steps before it starts walking an running


How do you eat an elephant?

YOU eat an elephant ... 1 bite at a time


Are you doing the same thing ... over and over and over and still getting the same frustrating results?

Then you need to try doing something different - you just might get a lot better result



1 oz at a time

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