by silver lining

1. Financial System

The huge multi billion dollar corporations have deliberately been designed and allowed to become so big so that when they fail, they will bring down the entire financial system of the US with them. These corporate monsters can be compared to an oil tanker without compartments. If water gushes in, there is no way to seal it of since there is only one big compartment. In the case of the "too big to fail" the government will always have to bail them out in order to prevent all the dominoes from falling. The end result is that they have a license to do pretty much whatever they wish. Gerald Celente said that when a government intervenes in a capitalist country it becomes fascism.

2. Political System
The US only has a two party system which makes it much easier for lobbyists to manipulate our politicians than the case would be in many European countries which have a multi party system. New political ideologies can be included in their democracies such as a democratic socialist party for example. In the US certain political ideologies will be silenced quickly by the establishment and the mainstream media either through propaganda or a lack of coverage. Someone like Ron Paul, although being a firm favorite among the masses really did not have a chance. There are also too much conflict of interest in US political system. In the movie Capitalism a love story by Micheal Moore, it becomes clear that many US politicians and academics receive large amounts of money from huge corporations for promoting them. Also in the US a guy can be the ceo of a billion dollar corporation and the next moment become the vice president or the secretary of the treasury. David Icke from England famously said that presidents are selected and not elected. Both elections of former president Bush were heavily surrounded by controversy.

The whole political and financial system stinks with fraud, scandals and manipulation. The recent banking scandals and evidence of manipulation in the silver market are just the start of much bigger evil to come as the elite starts to loose their once firm grip on the financial system.
It is time for the public to stand up for the sake of their children who's futures look very bleak. As long as the masses are going to stay silent, the corruption and fraud will continue. It is also time to demand a complete restructuring of the political and financial system. It is time for change, not Obama change. It is time to pave the way for a better future, not a Romney future.

In the meantime US citizens need to prepare themselves for darker days ahead. One wise way to secure your and your children's future is to invest in physical gold and silver, not paper gold and silver. Keep on turning your paper into gold and silver.

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