Sterling Silver Silverware on Ebay

by Gary T

Louis XV -- circa 1891

Louis XV -- circa 1891

Back when silver was $5.05 an ounce, I was buying sets of sterling silver silverware on ebay for a lot less than spot. So, at the time the form did not matter to me at all... just as long as it was real silver! Then, I focused on bars (1-5-10-100 oz) and of course a mixture of branded rounds and silver eagles. Pictured is a box set of "Louie" containing some 60 ounces of sterling silver... the suede-lined hand-crafted oak box came with the highly collectible set, and I am embarrassed to say what I paid for this 122 year-old treasure.

So... yes... this ia a very good (and timely) question!

In my opinion, there are 'branded' silver rounds from several silver refiners that I believe to be just as 'stackable' and American Silver Eagles. OK, when I first started gathering silver birds (as I call them) the premium was between 60-70 cents per coin. At the time, it never occurred to me that the premium would ever become a big issue with stackers and savers. Then, I read an article several years ago suggesting that the day will come where the marketplace will set the premium at or above the spot price of silver birds.

This being fairly likely, based on the recent surge in the premium on silver birds, I have made it a policy not to purchase rounds any longer, and simply be satisfied picking up silver birds and forgetting about the scant quantity disparity--especially when we all can see that the premium on silver rounds has stayed fairly level while the premium on silver birds has been experiencing substantial attention (like this article invites).

One other thing, when the general public awakens to the fact that silver can be purchased at fire sale prices, silver will finally find its place in history. This also means that those who had opted for rounds may run into situation where the buyer will want to have the rounds officially assayed for purity, weight and the like. Silver birds will more than likely be (like they are today) self-authenticating within the USA and worldwide. In short, there might be a very significant premium on silver birds, while silver rounds will be lagging behind in the marketplace--then again, maybe not... after all, silver is silver!

Now, having said that... I will close with one final thought. Whether you buy silver rounds or silver birds... Buy silver and take delivery!

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Feb 03, 2015
Silverware is close to pure silver, NEW
by: Anonymous

for TRUE Sterling silver contain between 90 to 95%
of silver metal, the balace is copper to give it wearability. So anybody that has Sterling Silverware ( it is marked as sterling at the side of the utensil or other items like chandeliers,flatware etc.)
My advise if you need to sell them, go to a reputable dealer that will honor a fair payment that should be at least 90% of the ounces weight
of the item at the current silver spot price. You can find that going to eg, where they post current daily spot prices.

Feb 06, 2013
Silverware is real silver too. NEW
by: Tommy

I also have a large stash of sterling silverware. I collect Reed and Barton "Tara" pattern and currently have enough for a heckuva tea party (service for 12) with all the pieces, multiple spoons, forks, knives, butter knives, serving spoons, etc. These were also picked up quite a while ago, when prices were MUCH LOWER. I've recently seen our set going for $75-100 dollars for EACH PIECE...
If you are really lucky, sometimes you can find silver pieces at garage sales and estate sales. Not as easy to find now-a-days as in years past. But keep looking they're out there.

Feb 05, 2013
Jealous NEW
by: Anonymous

You have seemed to have started this game early and I am jealous. But for all the folks out there, silver is still so super cheap. All of the silver manipulation out there has allowed you these great silver finds. I started just before the big crisis in 2008. Silver took a big drop to the single digits. But I tell all that although a bit painful to see, I just knew from the facts that silver would come back strong and it sure did. But as I understand, triple digit silver is on the way. So I agree with your last statement sir, just buy the stuff. Mix it up a bit with different forms. Have fun with it. I am 100 percent convinced that buying silver is the best thing to do this decade financially. The fiat endgame approaches like a thief in the night. Get on the silver brick road.

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