Spare Change and Lessons Learned

by Rick
(San Diego, CA)

About 10 years ago I started throwing spare change in a 5 gallon water bottle as a mad vacation fund. Last year I topped it off and cashed it in for a value of $2100.00. All the while, I was well aware my stash of change was losing purchasing power due to inflation. When I first started saving the change in this manner silver was less than $5.00 an ounce, last summer when I cashed out my devalued coins silver was $35.00 an ounce.

For simplicity sake, lets say I had converted this change to silver. If I take $2100.00 and divide by 10 years = $210.00 per year and purchased at the average annual price.

2001 - Silver $4.37 $210.00 / 4.37 = 48.05 Oz
2002 - Silver $4.60 $210.00 / 4.60 = 45.65 Oz
2003 - Silver $4.87 $210.00 / 4.87 = 43.12 Oz
2004 - Silver $6.67 $210.00 / 6.67 = 31.48 Oz
2005 - Silver $7.32 $210.00 / 7.32 = 28.69 Oz
2006 - Silver $11.55 $210.00 / 11.55= 18.18 Oz
2007 - Silver $13.38 $210.00 / 13.38= 15.69 Oz
2008 - Silver $14.99 $210.00 / 14.99= 14.01 Oz
2009 - Silver $14.67 $210.00 / 14.67= 14.31 Oz
2010 - Silver $20.19 $210.00 / 20.19= 9.91 Oz
2011 - Silver $35.12 $210.00 / 35.12= 5.98 Oz

This is a total of 275.07 Oz x $31.37 (2012 average to date) = $8628.94.

Let me close by saying I do not save my change anymore.

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Jun 20, 2012
by: Lotus1922

What an eye-opener to see the math spelled out like that. I have been doing the coin jars thing for almost all my life (got it from my dad). Another thing I've noticed is that it is significantly harder to accumulate any worthwhile amount of change than it was, say, ten years ago!

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