Silver...16-35 (1-2 years)...45-75 (3-5 years)...65-220 (10 years)...1400-8000 (dollar collapse)

by tony
(Washington State)

1-2 years...16-35

QE will keep silver prices relatively low for the next 8 to 16 months, the fed will taper 10% next fall(sept - oct). after that the fed will taper an additional %10 each quarter, for a year.
Once the QE has been tapered down to about %50-60 of where it is today, the fed will introduce a variable formula for determining the feds next taper.
The CME, Goldman Sacs, and other giant banks will continue to drive the disconnect between physical and paper. Pretty soon India will sink under the ocean from all the physical silver they have accumulated.
Americans will become more aware of physical silver, but as long as the divide between upper and middle class grows, so will the middle-class's desire to live like the upper class, and physical silver will take 2nd seat to other household purchases.
The next few years will be critical to the miners. If silver stays below $22-24, mines could have shutdowns and temp divert their operating costs towards other metals, or even consolidated into new entities.

3-5 years...45-75 (possibly down to $25)
Silver prices will gradually rise to this point
The Bollinger bands will be stretched overall as silver price manipulation is still present. Big banks will find ways to dodge the hammer of the courts. Much of the American public will not have "accumulating physical silver" at the top of their list.
The miners are relatively happy now as the price rises and more investors climb aboard.
Industrial applications for silver will grow slowly and be cost dependent as industries respect the volatility of silver prices.
This volatility could also be the catalyst for silver prices to plunge to new 5-year lows.

10 years 65-220
Industrial applications will be the driving force of price.
Automotive, solar, micro technology, and overall physical demand (investors) grows.

Collapse of dollar (1400 - 8000)
difficult to predict

Some things to watch for...
-Solar applications
-Automotive design
-Additive(3D) printing technology and availability
-Graphene technology Research & Development
-Industrial metal substitutes for silver
-Disappointing employment numbers due to (1) increasing population, (2)lean manufacturing/automation
(3)outsourcing/subcontracted work
-Widespread disaster (natural, cyber, attack, civilian uprising/protests/martial law)

I am a silver investor
I am unemployed and looking for work...
I save any change I get, buy silver eagles and junk silver coins when ever I get 20-40 bucks saved up.
hope I never see silver that high as there are going to be a whole bunch of other problems to deal with if we do.

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