Silver Starter Kit

Getting back to basics, use my silver starter kit to enter the market safely and quickly. There are really only three steps:

  • Find a safe
  • Find a dealer
  • Buy at least 500 ounces of silver in coins

  • Read my free guide to investing in silver coins here.

    Find a Safe

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    The safe you purchase for your silver coins should be waterproof and fireproof, with room for your investment to grow. A safe that will meet your needs as a silver investor can be purchased at any number of local stores, and will be relatively inexpensive compared to the value of your coins.

    Find a Dealer

    Finding the right dealer makes the process of buying silver coins much easier, particularly if you are new to purchasing coins as an investment. In any transaction, it is nice to have a face to face conversation, particularly if you are a bit unsure about how the process works.

    The easiest way to find a dealer is to type "coin dealer” plus your zip code into a search engine and see what comes up. I visited several dealers before deciding on one to buy from.

    You can also try your luck on the Internet. If you shop around and are careful, purchasing online can be the least expensive way to go.

    California Numismatics has been highly recommended.

    There are a couple of downsides to purchasing coins online. Shipping costs can be high (although they may or may not trump the premiums you'll pay to your local dealer). Also, payment options tend to be more limited. Margins are pretty low as it is, so most dealers from far away would be hard-pressed to offer credit card options.

    Buy Coins

    When I began investing in silver, I started with a goal of 1000 ounces. Partly this is because it was what I could afford at the time. To get started as a new investor, I recommend that you purchase at least 500 ounces of silver in coins—either rounds, eagles or 90% equivalent.

    Obviously, the total amount you choose to invest will depend on your situation.

    Act Now

    Those of us paying attention can see the inflation train running away, and it’s a not a difficult decision to start investing in silver.

    No one knows a safer place to store dollars for the time being, and this applies to any size of portfolio. Silver coins represent the lowest denominator—both real money and an in-demand commodity that can never lose all of its value.

    To learn more about why silver is an incredible opportunity for the average person, read our free guide and E-Course.

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    The #1 Reason to Own Silver Now?

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