Silver set for lift off

by Silver lining

With the Fed's recent announcement of infinite QE3 the obvious consequence will be ever increasing inflation. The fundamentals look good for gold and especially silver. Most people are looking for a safe haven as a hedge against inflation. The major bullion dealers like and Sprott Asset management continuously report that they are selling the same amount of gold and silver in dollar terms. With the current silver to gold ratio at 1:51, this means that for every 1 ounce of gold sold, 51 ounces of silver are being sold. Coupled with high industrial demand for silver and the expected near future silver shortage, this trend cannot continue without a drastic decrease in the gold silver ratio. The average historic gold silver price ratio was 16:1. One must keep in mind that this was in the pre manipulation days and way before silver had so many industrial functions. It was at a time when there were many times more above ground silver than gold. Today it is completely the opposite. Above ground silver is at least 3 times less than gold. Manipulation or not, silver is destined to go much higher. Recent reports suggests that the US Mint at Westpoint is struggling to keep up with demand for the US Silver Eagle despite minting a double shift. Demand for physical silver from 2009 - 2011 were only met by government stockpiles and silver scrap. It is official that US Government silver stock piles are currently at zero. As inflation will continue to increase, the demand for precious metals will continue to increase. Since gold will become unaffordable for most Americans, demand for physical silver will continue to increase. We all know what that means for the silver price. For that reason experts like Eric Sprott, David Morgan, Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff and many others have called physical silver the investment of this decade. If you are worried about your kids future, investing in physical silver is the best gift you can give them one day. Forget about saving for college since there might not be jobs for them and most likely you will not get your desired returns in an ever declining paper market.

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