Silver Rounds Make The Choice Easy

When you begin investing in silver, you will need to make decisions as to which types of coins to purchase. Your choices will include silver rounds, silver eagles, silver maple leafs, and 90% equivalent.

Silver rounds are on of the safest way to invest in silver. They are very liquid and generally have low premiums. Rounds may also be the easiest to trade and barter.

Availability and Ease of Trade

The most basic form of silver coin, most rounds are privately minted and are used as a convenient (rolled) form of silver storage. Perhaps the easiest type of silver coin to find and more readily available than silver eagles, rounds make an excellent choice for the first-time investor.

Most coin shops will have abundant supply of rounds or be able to find them with short delay. Conversely, in some part due to shortage, these same coin dealers will readily buy them back with no transaction fees and/or very close to the spot price.


[silver round prospector]

Silver rounds currently represent the least expensive form of physical silver in which to invest, especially when considering taking physical possession of your coins, which we highly recommend. Read about why we recommend taking possession here. Rounds will have the lowest premiums (the amount you pay the coin dealer over and above the current spot price) compared to most other forms of silver, including silver eagles, junk bags, and silver bars. And simple rounds will likely prove to be the easiest form to part with if the need for an alternative arises.

Though hard to imagine, every fiat currency that has ever existed has eventually become worthless. Therefore, a marked coin, clearly designating weight, would be the easiest to verify if the need for barter were ever to arise.

Rounds meet the ideal criteria for any physical investment in silver. Easy to find, cheap to acquire, and no hassles when it comes time to part with them, rounds are the place to start your investment and to stay with your investment.

Read more about why silver rounds "fit" as a safe investment when considering silver.

Here’s a good video overview of the fiat currency and the Federal Reserve.

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Silver Eagles or Silver Rounds? Which is Best?

So many opinions about which form of silver is safest, most liquid, or the best as a 'crisis' hedge...What do you think and why?

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