Silver Prices in a Romney Presidency

by Richard

If Romney wins the presidency, as I think he will, and follows through on cutting taxes including Obamacare, then it will provide more confidence for spending, and business expansion and small business creation. This will lower the unemployment rate as well and cause a temporary recovery for the economy and a putting off of more quantitative easing. Silver may move to 13 or 14 dollars per ounce for a very short term panic sell-off. The problem is that the negative national and international fundamental problems of too much sovereign debt, entitlement programs costs and the deficit spending which has already occurred must be dealt with by further quantitative easing and the consequential increase in cost inflation for goods and services resulting from the inflated money supply. But then, probably in the next two to five years we could see gold and silver prices take off even more significantly than they already have. We could see 3K to 5k gold and one hundred to two hundred dollar silver. I don't think silver will move higher than that because the industrial uses of and demand for silver depend upon a prospering economy and that won't be the case in my opinion. Of course hyperinflation, which is a remote possibility, can cause prices to go to highs that are unthinkable today.

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Oct 13, 2015
Silver Prices in a Romney Presidency NEW
by: Anonymous

Your views are so real Richard. i like that you think like this and always struggle for your business. Many people are facing issues and it is good to follow what you think is great for you. Some students pay to do my essay and it is always the best for them.

Aug 25, 2012
Some thoughts on the election and silver
by: SLGJ

It seems to me that if Obama is re-elected that will send a signal to the world that they should dump dollars sooner rather than later and that should be good for the value of precious metals other damage notwithstanding.

If Romney/Ryan is elected, they will make a brave attempt to fix the problem to some degree but it will be too little too late and while it may be the right medicine it will have a negative effect soon after the initial bump to the economy. People will revolt and he will lose the midterm congressional elections and policy will stagnate once again and someone like Obama will get elected in 2016. This will be good for the value of precious metals again. The collapse of the dollar will be postponed by a couple of years.

If by some miracle, the Romney/Ryan policies have a positive effect on the economy and if the middle east doesn't go up in a cloud of nuclear smoke and if the Chinese don't make a move in the Pacific rim, and if the holders of American bonds don't cut and run on the dollar, the economy will improve and the demand for industrial silver will increase. Are there other viable options and if so how do you see them playing out negatively for precious metals (silver in particular)?

Aug 25, 2012
Romney not the answer
by: Joseph

With all due respect, the tax cuts that you are talking about has often been refered to as another advantage for wealthy Americans. Do some research into the details om the Romney tax cuts. As far as silver going down to below 20 dollars an ounce, I think that is highly unlikely since the amount of silver used in high tech products such as computers and photography is very minute something like a few grams which currently amounts to less than 15 dollars per pc for example. If silver increases by say 300% over the next 3 years, the manufacturers will simply pass the 45 dollars on to the consumer. Silver is more likely to go beyond 50 dollars in the near future especially with more QE in the making. In the long term you are most likely on the money with 200 dollars. Have a nice day.

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