Silver Prices - A Historical Perspective

Learning precious metal investing involved different views and commodity metal conditions, during, and between WWI, WWII, and Korea, with wide spread knowledge of precious metal coins, and private owners' gold confiscated by our own millionaire socialist leaders. The precious metal coins in Old European Socialist nations were replaced in the worst socialist nation's multibillion fiat currency unit coins, with the sarcastic term, "Douche Marks", often used in describing the official shiny plated scrap metal German quarter sized socialist coins. Of course, presently minted African Socialist Zimbabwe multi-billion Zimbabwe Dollar bills are of far more value, much like our US paper currency will become, since, in the future, one can use those bills, in cleaning one's hind' parts, after using the bathroom, if both a bathroom and some bills, remain available to you.

Living on my Grandparent's tiny homestead, 200 yards from Concord's Cannon Mill's flaming Industrial Dump, we lived mostly by the Mason Jar rule, and silver coin values, that will soon rule all of mankind. If you don't put it into a Mason Jar in summer, you don't get to eat it, come winter. Local scrap dealers paid us up to two US silver dimes, for a pound of scrap copper, and gasoline cost us up to a US silver quarter, per gallon. When your coin contained real silver, you could buy anything you could afford, at silver coin prices that are, predictably, at last becoming amazingly better today, than they were in the first half century after they were minted, and replaced with US scrap metal coins. Those were the decades, after we adopted the fiat currency approach of old European Socialism. Far less food, et al, remained available, over the last century, for purchase with plated base metal US coins, regardless of their denominations.

The ongoing Real Great Socialist World Depression is already illustrating, to increasingly accurate levels, those permanent, and ancient precious metals values, with far more damage than our first 100 million Americans lived with, through the now clearly misnamed Great Depression. Grandma told us about untold hundreds of wandering beggars, and too many crop stealers, chicken stealers, et al, among those wandering without food or work, when we had some 100,000,000 Americans, every one of whom had worked every day of their lives, or gone hungry.

That last century socialist driven world depression, was, as is becoming far more clear, now, a minor depression, leading to some hundred million deaths spread among the various nations involved. It is, surprisingly, a worldwide disaster that Mr. Bernake is said to have studied for his entire life, as he advanced in the political and financial worlds, before he was selected, and appointed to take charge and lead some 330,000,000 Americans into the Real Great Abominable Depression Generations. The officially, and deliberately unacknowledged depression that we have begun, with less than a third of our people now involved usefully in our labor market, is repeating the last depression's records, of between 14% and 25% unemployment, with the government hiding the real losses in employment, with false figures, not including those discouraged from applying for jobs, or choosing socialist welfare benefits instead of working for a living. That occurs mostly because our socialist President has deliberately removed the Conservative driven, "Welfare Work Requirements" that so resembled the Civilian Conservation Corps of the last centuries minor Depression era. The CCC put those able to work, but dependent on socialist benefits at the time to work in national parks, et al, and encouraged anyone able to work to try and find a better paying and less dislocating and controlling sort of paid labor. Now, with unlimited benefits accruing to socialist ruled voters, all without any required work for those unemployed, but physically able to work, we will soon learn the hard way, from the ongoing socialist depression of the entire world, that the depression, early last century, was a minor one. Compared to the presently ongoing world destroying depression generations, the one last century may well prove to be merely and unpleasant memory.

Now, with more than 47,000,000 socialist dependents, including some foreigners, and native Americans basically living at least to some degree, off US Taxes and other costs harvested by our IRS, we will relearn the real rules of precious metals. Those taxes, fines, fees, and other fraudulent benefits costs, are mostly harvested by the same criminal IRS socialists who stole our 2012 election, and are increasing their harvesting of our wealth, earnings, and property, every day of our lives. Worse, they have been appointed, at least to this date, to take over Medical Care, and drive the largest costs of national socialism with the same determination that allowed them to steal the 2012 re-election of the socialist President who required them to greatly reduce the ability of the majority of conservative voter organizations from enjoying the IRS driven money advantages, intended only for liberal organizations, participating in the 2012 elections, thus insuring a socialist victory.

Those permanent precious metal coin rules will always allow any owner of US pre-64 minted silver coins, to buy more gallons of fuel, today, with gasoline ranging from $3.17 to $3.57 during our four hundred mile drive yesterday, with the present $23 plus value of any ounce of silver, contained in those sole remaining US currency coins having any actual value, than one could buy, half a century or more ago, for a US silver quarter, per gallon, when I was helping at Uncle Stewart's country store. Much like the actual price of silver, his gas pump had a clear glass measure reservoir, allowing the customer to see their fuel measured into the upper pump reservoir, then pay for it, and finally drain all of it into their fuel tank. All without the fraud so apparent in our current socialist tax and waste bureaucracy. I believe the last fill up I did there cost the buyer about a silver quarter per gallon. The same coins, with their same real silver content, will soon buy more fuel, than one could buy with the identical coins, during the years they were still, before 1964, minted with real silver content.

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Oct 05, 2015
Silver Prices - A Historical Perspective NEW
by: Anonymous

You have a lovely detail in your article about the Silver Prices - A Historical Perspective. I like that you know such history about these coins. online assignment help is always the best for students.

Oct 04, 2013
Another perspective NEW
by: Anonymous

In 1913 when the Fed Reserve started the price of Silver was 58 cents/oz. If one adjusted for inflation that has happened since that date the price of Silver would be $1,3000+. A 2260% increase has happened since then. That's what the dollar has lost in true purchasing power. Amazing!

So much for the Feds dual mandate of low inflation and unemployment.

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