Silver Price Targets

by A. Illias

Hello. My backround is in music composition and psychology (Bowlby/"post"CBT). Been making the 'rounds ado Ag-ness since the 2009. Disclosure: 2006 while touring (music) I asked a fellow band-mate "what's a credit union?"...laughter ensued, no answer. At the time (till 2009), "equity" and "mutual-something" was an abstruse shrug such as

"medial occipitotemporal gyrus" may sound to a CFA.

The great motivator: By accident, came across a quarterly statement of my moms' pension/IRA. "Jaw-Drop". 33<% done away with in less then 2 years. Smelled foul. Where do-I-begin??finance? Ira? Econ? Trading? Accounting? Entrepreneur-ish??? Didn't matter, mom=fleeced! Plus..personal xp regarding .institutions of high learning don't bode with a well untempered didactic (heheh).

Anyways. Your query...! The mini-back story's purpose- to explain my take on price-targets and related...targets. Admittedly between 2010-present, much effort was vested into understanding Econ, from fundamental/technicals, trader mind-set, statistics, long-short cycles, Mises/Maynard's Key/Neo-post-classical whole spent non-institutional taking(?)...and other wig-whams.

I'm non-plussed, genuinely so- at the patience so many of the sound-money well-known knowledgeable ones are. To a threshold, it's (seems) understandably understood: low-sentiment amongst "stackers" who see sideways/always. Conversely! It was odd, so many investors/traders and savers, respond to so much noise in an Aschs' kind of bias; olde tymey behaviorism. Every interview (talk talk)...(ending)...."So Sprott/Morgan/Willie/Turk/Macleod et al....what's the target, like, in two days? Hurry up!". And whoa! Are these ppl patient (for some, it's their $/Business+Passion(?), for others it's clearly based upon the scruple. Either way- ooo, it must be something less-than pleasant (sometimes?). Another odd one: countless times, it's been explained (the crux!)...the correlation (not) of the AM/PM/CME futures ask-bid-spot price and the (crux!) price price. Transitional-metallic-myopia? heheh.

It's rare I write (txt)- I hope the jestration is getting thru.

Price target this year? Merkel+troika+others pernicious folly (set-up or not) last week may adjust target-price...the quickening. Don't like the Au much, was a good time a few weeks ago to procure some on the cheap and play switch-a-roo as needed regarding Ag...

I was thinking 50-60USD fiats for 2013. Consensus seems to be surprise(d) that the yellow stuff didn't go Sinclair-Ballistic post Cypriot. The steady support at 160X.00 seems like a big deal, not a disappointment; we're dealing with cyclopian bad-guys here. I gotta wait until Monday...with Spain, Greece...well, everywhere!

Final target? Hopefully the 146-150 all-time adjusted thousands of years value...but...then again, medical...'lectric, and 19,998 other uses. Maybe (after the great "?") for pre-super overbought period, Maloney & his 500 oz=house will happen. (Keep forgetting about crazy bubbles), not used to thinking in big-skews.

What's it like on your side? When I received your first email-letter, I thought "hmmm...another how to buy coins/read on/here's a letter only 395$"...a few more letters, just info- then I came across some articles written by you from other sources- above my head! Since then I've come to enjoy reading your letter a lot- the contour of content is (now that I'm really thinking about it) is extremely dynamic; some basics (which are always needed for one like myself)...then a BOOM! Some top notch insight, original; edifying.

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