Silver not that bulky after all.

While gold is definitely smaller per dollar value than silver. Silver is more convienient for an everyday transaction after TSHTF or even now, beforehand. The vast majority of your day-to-day purchases could be easily paid for with 1, 5 or 10 Ounce silver bars.

In the event we have a meltdown situation (pun intended). The value of silver will surely rise even higher than it has in the last 10 years, giving it greater purchasing power. The 100 ounce bars are about the size of a brick and currently are worth around $3000 US. This should take care of all but your largest items, cars,homes, etc. So as you see silver isn't that bulky after all.

Using 1 ounce gold coins/bars as money means you need to make either a large purchase or get change from your trading partner. Which would be preferably made in silver or gold. As at that time you should avoid ALL FIAT CURRENCIES like the plague. Smaller gold coins 1/4, 1/10, etc. have too high of a premium attached to the sale of them for my tastes.

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