Silver manipulators in bed with the fed

by Riyaad

According to Ted Butler the main catalyst in the struggle against silver manipulation, the silver manipulators like JP Morgan and others have the full backing of the fed. The CFTC's investigation took more than four years and strangely concluded that there were no evidence of silver manipulation thus ignoring crystal clear evidence involving the Mcquire incident. Mcquire blew the whistle in advance of a massive silver manipulation crime. He called the event to its exact time. He sent an email to the CFTC foretelling what and when the silver manipulation will happen. It turned out exactly as Mcquire had foretold. Two days later Mcquire was involved in a hit and run car accident. According to Ted Butler there were major silver drops of 30% within a period of minutes. There are no logical explanations for this when there is nothing in the markets to justify these major drops other than manipulation.

What makes these drops even more suspicious is that it occurs at a time when all the major markets are closed for trading.
How the CFTC could conclude after four years that there were no sufficient evidence of market manipulation left physical silver investors dumbstruck with disbelieve.
It is clear that JP Morgan who has been under severe pressure for manipulating the silver market with their enormous short positions are merely vehicles for the fed to keep the prices of precious metals down.
Gold and silver are the biggest enemies of the paper market. These. Metals has historically been the most secure investments for wealth preservation. In order to make the fiat money currency system work, gold and silver had to be held in check and at times made to seem as unattractive as possible. All possible tools are used from the main stream media who almost never promotes
the purchasing of physical gold and silver to your local broker who never mentions to their clients to include physical gold and silver in their portfolios. If more people invest in physical gold and silver it becomes bad news for the phony paper market.
According to Ted Butler the dropping of the CFTC's investigation is ironically not bad news for physical investors since silver stays extremely undervalued and it can be acquired at ridiculously. Low prices since it is literally being subsidized by. the fed and the silver manipulators. Acquiring physical silver. is actually the Achilles heel of the manipulators. JP Morgan and co are actually in a catch 22 situation. They cannot run, neither can they hide. They are just trying to keep their head above water. The harder they press down the silver springboard the higher it will bounce when all their efforts will be exhausted.
There has been no better time to accumulate more physical silver. It will surely be prominent in the greatest wealth transfer in human history

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Aug 17, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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May 16, 2015
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by: Nicol Williams

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Aug 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

To comment on Hoffa the family has their hands in it with JPM

Aug 19, 2012
silver manipulators in bed with fed
by: Anonymous

Good arguments but to many full stops in the wrong places

Aug 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

If a few of the manipulaters were to receive the Hoffa treatment. I'll bet the bullshit would cease.

Aug 12, 2012
Psychic Andrew
by: Tommy

It's seems hard to believe that if Andrew M(a)Guire is so psychically gifted, as to be able to call the largest one day drop in silver prices on the nose. That he wouldn't also have been able to have foreseen that he was going to be in a auto accident the next day too. HMMM

Me smells a rat...

As far as the CFTC (investigation) HA, goes. When your short position is as big as JP's is, it leaves a lot of money available for bribing every single legislator ON THE PLANET to see it your way. ALLEGEDLY... HA

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