Silver is Money

Silver has many roles. The role as money is the elephant in the room with silver and gold. The need for a portable wealth can not be underestimated. Most people are brainwashed into thinking fiat money (the dollar) will be around forever and is as good as gold or silver. History says fiat money will only last as long as its inventors keep some connection to real money. When this connection was broken it sealed the fate for all currencies tied to the fiat dollar. 40 years of manipulating the balance sheet for fiat currency has strained the confidence of wealthy and poor people alike. Global forces are in play to replace the dollar with a new and complicated basket of fiat currencies. But that will shake the confidence of human beings world wide. I don't believe the elite class has any idea how impossible this plan is because as with all elites they suffer from their megalomania. Real assets will have value and the need to equate that value with a world wide common denominator will push gold and silver back into the role of the supreme standard for money. The elites will try to stop this from happening with every trick that governments can conjure but in the end the forces unleashed will be beyond their control. 3/4ths of the worlds imagined wealth will disappear and a new reality will take its place. The demand for silver will send its value to a new high that will shatter the gold / silver ratio forever.

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Aug 27, 2015
Some concerns NEW
by: Eva

I find it kind of difficult to imagine the world where currency is back to being an actual metal such as gold or silver. Before pledging to this idea, I plan to order research papers on this topic from and only then decide whether to start collect silver or not. Anyway, thank you for this information, the topic is quite interesting.

May 05, 2012
Silver from scap
by: Jim Hoagerman

I've been recovering silver from old motors and other electrical items. I follow your site because I want to see how silver prices will go. I plan to get my stash refined and then take the cash to buy coins. So far so good. I got the idea from a program I bought called Scrap4treasure. So far so good. I wonder if you could comment on the potential for making money by finding it in scrap and using the proceeds to buy coins.

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