Silver Investing: My Mom's Three Requirements

by Tom Haslebacher
(Bakersfield, CA)

When my wife gave birth to our son, I called my mom with the news. My mom is of Scottish lineage and the blood runs strong in her. No beating around the bush with her. After her congratulations, she told me I needed three things. First, I needed a good will. Second, I needed good life insurance. Third, I needed gold and silver in my portfolio. She told me that during the depression (her family had a farm in West Virginia) they had plenty to eat, but no way to pay taxes as there was little money. Gold was expensive, but she told me that her family's stash of silver helped them survive.

So I went out and got the will and insurance and found a good coin shop here in Bakersfield, CA. That was about 23 years ago and since then I have been taking a little from each paycheck for a couple of silver rounds (bullion). Essentially, it is dollar cost averaging. If you look at the last year, I haven't done all that well, but I really haven't lost anything either. If you look at the last 23 years, I have done very well.

Silver is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a way to insure all the other avenues that I have in my portfolio. It certainly does better than any CD out there.

Thank you, mom!

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Oct 31, 2015
Majid Jabenn NEW
by: Anonymous

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Nov 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am a retired pensioner and have been buying silver for a couple of years. I can buy a carton of beer for $50...or a couple of ozs of silver. Drink the is silver. I don't waste a cent..on take away food..restaurants..gambling. Waste $ just threw away a 1/2 oz silver round. Want to cheer yourself the safe and spread out your silver bars and coins. The longer they manipulate the price down.. the better..Silver is my insurance safety buffer against economic downturns. I grow my own fruit and healthier..and guess what I do with the money I save. I try not to spend $$ with any of the criminal corporations that rule the world. The best way to punish the grubs that manipulate the price of silver and gold...KEEP ON STACKIN'....and teach others to do the same.They want to control the market? Keep the price down...I love it. Aussie Mick

May 08, 2012
by: trashfocash

Right-on, I applaud you buyin Silver..etc...
I buy alot of Silver... for ME ~~it is Insurance,
as Iknow our $USA Dollar is dstined to fail. As a
side "benifit" it will/should go up in value. !!!! Even IF it never went up, I feel con-
fident it will HOLD value to our depleting $dollar
value. I have a good chunk of gold also, BUT it is
a good idea to own alot of Smaller demonitation
of silver coins ~~~to buy gas,food & other day-by-day nessesities. Good Luck, See Ya.

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