Silver going to the moon

by Riyaad
(South Africa)

Many experts believe that gold and silver have been heavily manipulated over the last 60 years simply because these metals have throughout the ages been the safest form of investments. The paper market promoters simply had to do everything possible to prevent gold and silver from looking attractive. There were even laws until a few decades ago which prevented people from owning gold and silver bullion. These are probably the only commodities where the demand increases tremendously but the price stays down. Over the last few years demand for physical silver has increased so much that the us government has no more silver scrap stockpiles. People are realizing that they are getting something which should be at least 10 times higher for an absolute bargain. No wonder Mike Maloney of gold says bring it on JP Morgan. The silver manipulation is getting so much out of hand that silver miners are becoming very despondent. The cost of mining silver has now exceeded its spot price. Silver is therefore only mined as a consequence of mining for other metals. For the first time in human history the amount of above ground silver is less than the above ground gold. The historical gold silver price ratio is 16 : 1. Currently it is about 57 : 1. All the fundamentals only points to one thing and that is that silver is destined to become one of the greatest investments in human history. Some say it might even become extremely rare if not extinct in a few decades from now. One thing is almost certain, its price is one day going to the moon.

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