Silver Eagle - Five Tips For Investing Now

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Silver Eagle coins are on of the most popular selling American coins that are produced by the United States Mint. People who are looking to invest in silver, because of its relative economic security, often find themselves researching the benefits of investing in silver coins rather than silver bars. Silver coins such as the eagle are easily accessible yet you should be aware of the five tips for investing now in these coins.

Reliability is always key for these or any type of silver coin worth investing in. You never want to invest in an item which may prove to be un-beneficial for economic needs later on. You can purchase minted eagles from a variety of sources. Make sure that the source from which you buy is a reliable source that has the paperwork to verify the authenticity.

The US Mint releases as many coins as is necessary (or as mandated by the US Constitution) so there should not be a shortage of these coins. However, you will need to do your research as the US Mint produces mint coins as well as the same coins with a lower mintage value. Be aware of the type that you are purchasing. Official silver eagles consist of .999 silver on the ounce and have a face value of $1.

Another helpful tip is to keep track of the price of silver and to inquire about the relative scarcity or delivery times. Because of the recent supply shortage, eagles are considered numismatic and therefore, can be sold for more (often 20% or more) than spot value. Currently in 2009, these coins have a premiums of up more than $4.00 per coin. If this is a high investing price for you, I would consider looking for backdated silver eagle coins or privately minted silver rounds because they will often sell at a lower price and contain an equal amount of silver.

[mexican silver round]

Also, be specific when inquiring about these. Use the correct terminology because you may end up with something that you were not expecting. Many people confuse these with a silver dollar due to its $1 face value. You would actually be referring to the older silver dollars which were produced by the US Mint from 1878 to 1904 and once again in 1921 to 1935.

Ensure the value of your investment by protecting your coins from scratches, rusting and other impurities that silver coins may endure by placing them in a safe, air tight packaging. If you have never properly cared for a silver coin before, I recommend that you brief yourself before investing in silver. Many people invest in brilliant uncirculated coins but you will need to protect these as you are going to want to maintain the premium price as this will help to increase the value of your investment.

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