Silver Dollars Are Moving Again

As the investment demand for silver catches fire, more and more investors like you are re-discovering silver dollars. The current financial market shakeout will further inflame a fundamental and extremely fragile supply and demand problem.

The current situation is unprecedented. Time is running short and moving fast for silver. Silver dollars represent a critical part of any physical allocation.

While not pure or .999 silver, the US silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper (for endurance). The actual silver weight (ASW) is .7736 troy ounces.

Here's a calculator.

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Without question, the most popular collectible US silver dollars are the Morgan dollar, Peace dollar, and silver eagles. These are the most readily available and relatively inexpensive of the collectible silver dollars. Approximately a billion of these coins have been minted.

The silver eagle coin is 100% silver totaling a full troy ounce. However, it is not a circulating coin, and since March of 2006, silver eagles have been very hard to find.

By midway thru 2008, it has been well established that other common investment forms of silver bullion are in significant shortage, by anyone’s definition. This has led to new interest in 90% coins, of which silver dollars are a key component. Of course, the numismatic or collectible aspect is not entirely lost, but again, the resurgence in demand for 90% silver coins or “junk” silver is growing.

Four Reasons You Should Have Silver Dollars

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This rationale applies to both the large and small silver coin investor.

1. Silver dollars are inexpensive in terms of spot price and, more importantly, in terms of premiums.

2. 90% silver coins are fast becoming the last place for investors to find physical bullion. Shortages and delivery delays, resulting from the same causes and having the same effect on the investor, are growing for eagles, rounds, and bar forms of silver.

3. Silver dollars could be the most liquid form of silver to hold because of their short supply, familiarity, and face value. This would render them quite useful in the more unimaginable, yet possible, currency crisis.

(One needs only too look to the Continental Dollar for example).

4. Above all, a 90% silver dollar is physical silver. You own it, you store it, and you know that it can never become worthless.

We have had a perfect storm building and fanning the embers of a colossal breakout in silver prices for quite some time. There has never been a more pressing time to get to the local coin shop and see what you can find.

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