Silver Demand and Popularity: One in Million Get It? No Way!

[silver demand popularity]

Silver demand and awareness, though certainly growing, is not high on the list of popular places to put one's money.

Do more than 310 people in the US understand silver? Of course!

But what is the real incidence of the silver-knowledgeable?

How many people do you know that have a working understanding the silver opportunity?

By "understanding" I mean:

  • They understand that the price is artificially managed to the downside.
  • They know the importance of silver as an industrial commodity.
  • They get that silver, like gold, is real money and an efficient store of wealth.

    How could we come up with a more objective measure?

    One Out Of Ten People Understand Precious Metals Investing? NOT!

    How many Americans really understand gold? Physical gold.

    How many people alive today have held a gold coin?

    Sure, I meet people all the time who have some sense of precious metals investing.

    What about silver?

    Well, the US Mint certainly indicates that silver eagles sales are up!

    Indeed, silver eagles sales soared another 502,000 to 3,592,500 for the month of January so far! This is a new high record for monthly silver eagle sales... and represents very close to 10% of the United States yearly silver output!

    [silver demand popularity]

    (BTW, the statement that led you here -- the one about one in a million people -- was unintentional. But I decided to leave it up for a while and put it to good use...)

    Can We Really Measure Silver Popularity?

    Just because I feel relatively alone on this and continue to endure strange looks when I mention silver investments, this is in no a way scientific way to measure investment silver demand.

    My coin guy says business is "about what it's been", but I doubt that serves as any better gauge than my "sense".

    How many people do you know who "get silver"?

    Who really cares about silver like you and I do? We can't even get a radio commercial about this!

    But, what are we talking about here?

    Deflation, inflation, hyperinflation. Hard times, deception. We are living through what is shaping up to be a long winter.

    I guess the question I want an answer for, is how many people get that? And of those (most are buying gold), who and how many among us really "gets silver" as one of the things you want around, come spring-time.

    Let me know your thoughts...

    [silver demand popularity]

    How Many People Out There Really "Get Silver"?

    One out of a thousand in the US? One percent of the world population? Ten Percent?

    How would YOU tell the story about the real number of individual silver investors?

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