The Why and How of Silver Coins

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Silver coins are simply the best vehicle for silver investment. They are safe, easy to store, and liquid. You hold what you own. Coins are your liability.

You can still walk into most coin shops and choose from an array of options. With cash, you can often walk out the door with your coins the same day. Otherwise you wait a few days or weeks, and then pick them up when they arrive.

Store up to about 2000 ounces in a small safe that you bolt to the floor of your home in a closet that you can lock. It may not sound glamorous, but most people are getting over "financial romance" (think MF Global) at this point.

The erosion of paper and actual wealth that is happening to everyone is astounding. And luckily for you, it is even more astounding that silver is still available at such ridiculously low prices. We've come to a crossroads.

Reasons for Owning Silver

When I first began investing in physical silver, my reasons for doing so were based more on the fundamentals you would apply to any investment, such as supply and demand, price and price history, popularity, and general underlying market conditions.

Since then, the world financial system has become extremely bearish, shifting my reasons (and possibly yours) for holding metal toward the category of survival. If you are new to the concept of investing in physically held silver or gold, it may seem like an obscure investment option. The fact is that this is the oldest, most proven method of protecting wealth.

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to invest in gold or silver. It depends more upon what you can afford. There is something very powerful about connecting with the actual metal.

The reasons for owning physical silver, US Silver Coins or bullion form, have completely crossed into the realm of investment safety. With silver coin investing, you personally store a rare and valuable asset that most people haven't an educated clue about. But this is about to change.

Here are the facts about physically held silver:

  • It will never become worthless.
  • It will not readily decay and requires little to no maintenance.
  • So far, physical silver coins are is inconspicuous and liquid.
  • Silver is in the stages of a long over-due price explosion.

  • Click here for the basic overview of why silver is a good investment in “good times”.

    Staying Clear of Paper Silver

    Documented physical shortages combined with the unprecedented number of short-sided option contracts almost guarantees the eventual explosion in silver price. Silver futures and other paper investments, especially those held on margin, are deteriorating in safety as they disconnect further from the reality of the physical market. [silver coins] As a direct result, it less likely that you will be able to take delivery when the price rises. In fact, now would be the time to take delivery or convert into pure silver coins if you currently own silver in paper or electronic form—while you still can!

    The may be slower than imagined and, if you’re not convinced that physical possession is necessary, it might be a good idea to try a take delivery on a small amount as a test.
    Contrary to popular assumption, silver coins take up very little space relative to value.

    But remember, not all silver coins are ideal. Silver eagles and silver rounds are generally the safest way to go. You'll find that eagles are in short supply and premiums are higher, and delivery lag times have been reported of more than three months. (Even canadian silver coins or mexican silver coins would be a acceptable option).

    Read here to learn more about why silver eagles are a good idea.

    Read here to learn more about why silver rounds are generally a better bet.


    (By the way, if you are thinking of selling silver coins...don't!)

    Another common category is referred to as numismatics or collectibles coins. These are fine if you have them already.

    For example, these Australian silver coins or mint silver coins or silver proof coins are certainly something to hold on to and admire.

    Nothing wrong with holding old silver coins, but buy additional rounds or silver eagles. [silver coins] It’s important to view your coins as a long-term investment. The hope is to hold this for the next generations. Silver is the most basic form of wealth.

    Additional numismatics are not recommended for investment because of premiums and the lack of liquidity.

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    A gold or silver coin is the hardest form of money to denigrate.
    In the silver market, private investment and industrial demand for silver just will not go away no matter how long its price remains suppressed.

    Silver Versus Gold

    Because silver has more industrial uses than gold, does that make silver LESS of a monetary asset?

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