Silver Coins: Price Points You Can Respect

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The need for silver is growing by leaps and bounds. Many industries are using silver in new ways and in innovative technologies. The supply is currently not quite keeping up with the increasing demand and the market will soon be responding with a bit more attention to silver coins price points.

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The easiest way to get involved with buying silver is through silver coins. Price points vary depending on the type of coins purchased and the current spot price of silver on the commodities exchanges. Choices of silver coins include:

[silver coins]

  • “Junk” silver coins: old coins made with 90% pure silver;
  • Silver bullion coins: coins with a symbolic face value, but truly valued for the intrinsic value of their precious metal;
  • Commemorative coins: special coins minted to honor a special event or person;
  • Collector’s coins: rare or ancient coins, treasured for their history, age or scarcity.

    “Junk” coins were struck in the U.S. before 1965, when the value of the metal finally exceeded the face value of the coin. They are called junk because they have no value to collectors, but they are far from being worthless. Made from 90% pure silver, they are rapidly becoming a clever method of diversifying a portfolio.

    Junk silver coins price is derived by multiplying the spot price of silver by the estimated amount of pure silver in a bag of coins and adding a slight mark-up to keep the dealer in business. A bag of $1,000 in face value weighs 795 ounces, but once the 10% worth of copper and the loss of metal to wear are accounted for, the bag is valued at 715 ounces of pure silver.

    Bullion Silver Coins Price

    Silver bullion coins are made by many of the world’s major countries. The common trait among them all is that while a face value is minted on the coin, it has nothing to do with the coin’s actual price or value. The value is in the mass and purity of the metal itself, which is usually stamped on the coin.


    [silver coins]

    Certain historical figures and events have been immortalized in coins. These commemorative coins are usually struck in limited quantities for a limited time, which increases their price. They may have a face value but they are not circulated as currency.

    Their price is heavily dependent on the market price for their precious metal, the popularity of the coin among collectors and the number of coins made available.

    Collectors’ Coins Price

    Numismatists prize coins for their age, rarity, and condition far above the value of their silver, although the metal’s inherent value certainly plays a part in a price. These coins are usually collected as a fascinating hobby, rather than a pure investment. The beauty of investing in silver coins lies in their liquidity and few serious collectors are willing to sell a long-sought after coin.


    Liquidity is one earmark of a solid investment and silver coins fit this bill well. Buying coins as an investment couldn’t be any easier. With local dealers in most towns’ phone books and online auction house listings of new coins daily, purchasing coins is an investment even a novice can make with a little research.

    Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now learning about silver coins price, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins

    There is a bright future ahead for silver coins. Smart investors will begin amassing their collections now, before the shine wears off and prices hit their peak. Text Link: To get started learning about silver coins price, click here.

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