Silver Coin Prices and The Best Way to Find Them

silver coin prices

Getting the best deal with silver coin prices should never be the main focus.

That's right, the best 'deal' doesn't matter much...

What matters is where you get them and how to prepare for the great silver paradox.

What is the great silver paradox?

It's the phenomenon where as soon as ANY silver investor takes possession, the price inevitably falls and falls hard. The ultimate in buyer's remorse.

And another thing...

It still matters when and when is now because silver is always one step away from a colossal accident in price. By that I mean that we have been and will continue to be on the edge of a great short covering panic which could propel prices to extremes that are unimaginable. 

So don't worry about premiums...they will price themselves out in short order.

Plus the premium is fairly small overall, when you compare this with the potential upside.

Also, remember that you need to clear about who you are - a collector or investor. It's unique to almost any other asset.

Enjoy the video, and if you have any question, join our E-Course and send me a note.

What do you think? Silver in triple digits? $7000 gold?

Everyone has a price in mind. What is yours and why? Share it here!

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