The Silver Coin Investment - The Safest Way to Play Silver

With an increasing interest in investing, many people are turning to the silver coin investment. Coins have proven to be the safest way to invest in silver. Just like any investment, there will always be risks endured yet investing in this way may prove to be more worthwhile than investing in bars or bullion. In the last ten years, the metal has increased an astounding 300%. For this reason alone, investors have been paying more attention to this market.

Which Silver Coins Should You Invest In?

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If you have done your research well, then you should come up with the same recommendations for investing in coins. There are three half dollar coins which are particularly worth investing in. These three half dollars are made of 90% silver making these coins more desirable for silver investors than the rest. They are the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, the 1964 dated Kennedy half dollar and the Ben Franklin half dollar.

In general, the half dollar bags will net approximately 719 ounces when it is refined. This number will fluctuate depending on the makeup and the use of the coins. However, since half dollars are much less used then silver dimes and quarters, the half dollar bags often net more and are much more popular amongst collectors.

Why Invest in Silver Coins?

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Silver investors have many options when it comes to investing. They can choose from bags, bullion and bars. The reason why 90 percent coins, half dollars in particular, are more favorable for investors is due to the premiums and the popularity. For these reasons, this is a safe investment.

A premium for a bag of 90 percent will fluctuate depending on the demand. These premiums can range from being higher than the premiums for bars to being much lower. When there is a high demand for silver investment, a 90 percent coin bag will be the first to have prosperous premiums which can be anywhere from $1.20 and higher per ounce.

Going back to the three half dollars which investors are more likely to invest in, the Walking Liberty half dollar will be the most prosperous coin out of the three. While the 1964 dated Kennedy half dollar and the Ben Franklin half dollar will have a significantly lower premium but will still prosper more than silver dimes and quarters.

Therefore, when silver is in demand, the most prosperous investment for silver is in the coin. The premiums can be very generous.

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