Silver Bullion is Best

by T
(North Carolina)

I think the last 2 comments are a bit over the top. If the dollar goes completely worthless and we have to barter using old coins we got bigger problems than which Ike dollar will be accepted. More likely scenario for future 'troubled times', is that fiat currency loses significant value - but the currency will still be used for a long time, similar to what is happening in Iran at the moment with their nearly worthless currency. People will still need some type of currency - and although it may be worth a LOT less it will still need to be used. Instead of 2 dollars for a loaf of bread, it may cost 100 or 1000 dollars. That is what will happen to fiat money long before the situation of only accepting pre-1964 coins is common practice! Those coins will not be so valuable under such conditions.

Therefore, I think the best silver to keep is straight and pure bullion (silver eagles, silver rounds, etc.) whcih will be traded for a very nice price someday when fiat currency begins to lose value. This will not happen overnight - and in our lifetime I think the pre 1964 coins will not be used for barter, and due to a premium, will not be the most useful or valuable form of silver bullion - even if fiat currency takes a big hit as most would anticipate. It won't go from worlds currency to worthless overnight! THere will be many years of continual loss of value first, and trading in pure silver bullion will gain more and more value.

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Apr 29, 2015
Nasim NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 28, 2014
Junk Silver - You make a good point NEW
by: PaPa Dennis

Enjoyed your input

You make a valid point about "Junk Silver" - which is something that I have struggled with as of late

I do not much "Spending Money" after all my monthly bills are paid

I want my purchase to be the best bang for my buck ... I shy away from Graded coins

Thank you for sharing

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