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There’s nothing wrong with silver bars—get the bullion when you can. Factors influencing the decision about whether to invest with either coin or bar are becoming irrelevant as investment demand presses on a retail shortage.

What factors determine a safe investment to begin with? Consider the following with regard to silver bars:

  • Any form of physical silver bullion will retain value for the long haul and is therefore fine.
  • There is a slow awareness building with regard to the silver investment opportunity. Soon, it may not matter how you get on board.
  • Silver bars are an easy, liquid way to store bullion.
  • Let’s look at the four, basic forms of pure .999 fine silver bars.

    1,000 Ounce Bars

    The 1,000 ounce silver bullion bar may pose the toughest storage challenge. Large investors with 100,000 ounces or more can store these bars offsite. (Keep in mind: you should always use 1% as the minimum storage fee, regardless of the type or size of your investment.)

    The 1,000 ounce bar is the standard industry unit and traditionally used for trading and storage. It’s helpful to imagine the actual size and feel of these bars while contemplating the amount of silver used by the silver industry each year.

    100 Ounce Bars

    Also available is the 100 ounce silver bar. I held a few of these in the beginning of my investment journey in silver and recently traded them for 90% coins and silver rounds.

    The smaller and lighter 100 ounce bar is more convenient than the 1,000 bar. Four or five 100 ounce bars fit nicely into a small safe and they aren't too cumbersome to transport.

    I traded my 100 ounce bars once I reached the 2000 ounce mark. Part of my reason for doing so was based on an ongoing debate I've had with a good friend about liquidity and hyperinflation. We eventually agreed to disagree about the round vs. junk problem, but both acknowledged the more potential difficulty of trading a large quantity on the street or in a black market.

    10 Ounce and 1 Ounce Bars

    10 ounce bars are very easy to store and would be considered in the event of scarcity. They may also be a good option if you are just getting started and you realize the need to buy as quickly as possible.

    One ounce bars offer no advantage over one ounce rounds.

    Investing in Silver Bars

    Numerous brands of .999 fine bars have been produced over the years. These bars are produced either by an extrusion process, or by a free pour method.

    Bars produced by an extrusion process are exactly the same size, making them ideal for stacking and storage in a safety deposit box. Poured bars are slightly less convenient to stack in large quantities. However, they are all guaranteed to weigh exactly 100 ounces.

    Each bar is hallmarked to certify weight and purity. Actual weight can vary up to 10% in either direction. On personal deliveries, prices will be adjusted to actual weight. Again, this is what I recommend.

    The risks involved in silver investment vary greatly based on the particular form of silver you choose—from wild, unallocated and expensive silver pools all the way to simple one ounce silver rounds. Liquidity, storage, and barter potential should be the most important considerations in any size silver investment.

    Want to know more about the silver bars or get started with silver coin investng today? Check out our free guide.

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