Silver and the real truth

by Robert

silver will rise to 100.00 plus , weak dollar,s, no vains. because most are depleted or little and a million more people born each day over population supply and demand we all love silver it,s beauty i own old silver coins,bullion,and tea sets etc, i am one in billions taking over 511 ounces out of distribution .i will add invest and keep it all.and pass it too kids, today alone i got 11 oz,s too keep ,little silver being found many wanting a safe investment millions are buying all that can,goes down i keep goes up i keep. i want 500 oz,more this next few years old Morgans and old items always go up even if silver drops the days of cheap silver are over.the end,buy it, the u.s.a is dropping billions spent not tax money or little at best ,keep the machines printing, sent Afghanistan 20 billion this week and Africa 100 million spending billions on lots whose money the tree bark paper.i rather have silver than money in a bonded out bank of greed.

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May 10, 2017
kicking myself NEW
by: Daniel Salazar

years ago I sold a big box full of silver coin bullion that I had accumulated which I had bought when silver was at $5 an ounce and now I wish I had held on to that box of silver coin bullion and such now I regret selling it then I did not realizing silver will be depleted at some point and now I would like to buy more silver

Sep 19, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 11, 2015
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by: Leslie

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Aug 28, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 24, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 19, 2015
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Jul 24, 2015
True NEW
by: Bipin

Great real truth about silver contain this post which is short but enough to know about the background of silver. You said right that now safe investment is to buy silver and after few years sell it. Then you must got a handsome money in the shape of profit. On the other hand, I like to need online essay writer but happy to read this post to know the actual value of silver.

Jun 22, 2015
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by: Ms. Esperanza Hilpert

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Mar 18, 2012
by: silver host

SILVER I HAVE BROGHT SILVER SINSE I WAS A KID NOW AT 53 YEAR,S OLD. I HAVE MADE MORE MONEY FROM SILVER AND SILVER ITEM,S, COINS, ETC,IN FACT JUST THIS WEEK I SOLD A FRANKLIN HALF,S 1957@1963 MS 69 WITH A STAR NEXT TO ONE. I PAID JAN 2ND 2012 845.OO FOR BOTH COINS ,I SOLD A FEW MONTH,S LATER 1190.00 MARCH 15TH. I RAHTER HAVE ALOT OF SILVER MORE SO THAN A 401 K OR ROTH THIS IS MY RETIREMENT PLAN ,I HAVE AGAIN, MADE MORE MONEY FROM SILVER THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE WORKING FULL TIME AT A CHESSY JOB LIKE WALMART,IT,S A TRUE SOLID INVESTMENT ALSO I JUST GOT A KIRK AND SON 112 GRAM SILVER GRIZZY BEAR FOIR 325.00 I CAn resell it for 600.oo plus at c/mas time silver is like a solid surething, investment .from the beginning silver made people alot of money as this other email say,s million,s more each year the world has only so much silver ,in the year,s to come it will be a $100 oz up? sooner than later .i am buying all the silver i can ,last year my investments hit with buy /resell ,silver over 20 grand plus, and had fun selling and buying it. she,s like a beautiful ladie laced in silver. buy it now all you can before i do if i win a million lottery ticket i will buy all silver ,she,s my third wife the other 2 are my sweetie,s. silver is my lace of luck,surely for ,me .but my neck has a mix of gold with silver my gold chain is 22k sudia 8 yearsm ago 900.00 weight is 2 3/4 oz today almost priceless been offered 3 grand looks wonderful with my 80 dollar silver necklace i have class i have silver a asute man/woman will own all thay can get if of course you can ,invest all you can save up buy win it dips and hold on get them morgans in highgrade .get smart get real get a better life silver it,s running low and everyone adore,s her,good luck robert/rosie@tiffany yes two i am for real i can afford them i am silver rich he he he besides thay live with me and adore me it,s my class guy,s gotta be smart and invest the woeld is expensive to live in be wise silver doe,s not lie.

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